Don’t WASTE your TIME!

We have only one life, one shot, one opportunity to make thing right and to live the life we want! Nobody will do that for you! We are not allowed to waste our limited time wating for something!

This is my point: in this world we will never be in the position to live our lives as best as we could, because we need three things: energy, money and time. Unlikly for us, none of those three thing will be available in our life i the same time.

When we are young, maybe we are still at school or we study at university. Basically we have the energy, but we don’t have the time and we are broke. So, we are not in the position to do what we want.

After year spent at school, reading and learning stuff and getting boring lot of the time, we finally graduate, we finish our education, we can have a job, make lot of money and start to live your life as we always dreamed of. “Nobody can’t stop you anymore”, you think!. First, you can’t your life as you want and second, there’s something will stop you: your job! Because you have to spent eight, maybe ten hours a day, five days a week, fiftytwo weeks a years for decades to make the money you need for your dreams. Just use a simple maath here: if you work for 35 years, you have 30 days vacations a year and counting the week-ends and festivity, the day you will really spend for your “life you always wanted” are 140 of 365 days. Almost two third of your life, and most of your energy, are used to make money. In your entire adult life, you will have money, but you won’t have enough energy and time.

Then, you retire. After almost 4 decades of stress, pain, long days and sleepless nights you can finally take a rest and enjoy what’s left in your life. Now you are 65, maybe 70 and all day free. There’s a problem: your body is not as good as it was back when you are young, maybe your mind is not as good as it was when you were in your 20s. It’s life and something like that will happen to all of us. So, once you are retired, you will have money, you will have time, but you won’t have the energy to do what you want.

Is it worth it? I mean, wating for so long, for the perfect moment has brought you where you wanted to be? Has it given you the life you used to dream when you were young? I don’t think so. Maybe for some of us life is perfect, but for the majority of us is not. We can’t afford to wait that life-changing moment. No one will knock to our front door with the life we always wanted in a carrying case. We have to do everything in our power to make sure to be where we suppose to be.

The longer you wait, the bigger will be the disappointment, the frustration and the sadness in your mind. And we don’t want to spend our entire life asking “What if…?” Use your energy for yourself and not for someone else, who basically doesn’t care at all about you! Be the reason of your happiness and make the magic happen!


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