Life is crazy!!

Life is for real crazy. I am 28 years old and if ten years ago someone had told me that i would have been where i am right now, i would have thought that that person was scrazy. But here we are, living the life i would have never thought to live!

I’m not rich, famous ad i don’t travel all over the world! it’s not the life i’m living…at least for now! However i realised that my life, like every single life we are all living, is absolutely unpredictable.

Ten year ago i was 18, i was still live in Italy and i was still in school. In ten years everything is happened: a financial crisis, K-Pop in invading the world, The Islamic State, Trump as Presiden, a pandemic and lot of other events. All those events have influenced my life a lot, more than i could even imagine.

I have never thought that Italy would have kicked me out, that i would left everything behind and the age of 21, that i would have started a new life in Germany in 2013 and, more important, i would have never thought to be a blogger and become a K-Pop listener! That was something beyong my immagination. When i was at school i thought simple: finish the school, find a job, buy a home, have a family, get hold and die. That was basically the plan. But, it seems that it wasn’t what the universe has planned for me.

After all this years, i’ve learnt a couple of thing: never say never and you never in control. That might be scary, but it’s not. I was very scared when i took the decision to move from Italy to Germany and the reasons to be worried of were too much. But i had to, because with no money you don’t live. I didn’t have no choice. I was scared to start over, too much questios, too much worries and too much pressure. But now, everything is changed once again. I have no fear anymore to start over, to try different ways and see what happens. You know where you born, but you know where you die.

It’s also incredible that at the age of 28 i have still the opportunity to change and improve. Lot of us have a job, right, but they can’t quit because if they do, their life it’s pretty over. Ten years ago, i would end up in the same way. Now, here i am, trying something different and still improving and learning. That’s amazing that the more plans we make for our future, the more those plans will not work at all. Now i just follow the flow and see what happens. I don’t make plans anymore and i try to take everything i can from every situation.

I would have never thought to live like that ten years ago. I’m so happy to still have the opportunity to make so much thing!! Yes, life is crazy, but i love it!


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