My Life as IMMIGRANT #1: the reasons!

You probably know that i love to share and discuss with you, but more important for me is sharing my ideas and thoughts with all of you. My mind today is telling me to talk about one topic, maybe not so nice to read: immigration. Today, however, i want to talk about me, an immigrant myself.

As you maybe already know, i’m an italian guy forced to move to another country, Germany, to be precise. Now i live here since several years, but everytime i say that i come from Italy, people ask me “why did you do that?” and “how did you do that?”. Those are two very tricky questions to answer.

I would have never EVER left my hometown. Why would i have done that? I was born there, i went to school in Italy, i had “friends” and i was involved in the community, because i knew what to do, where to do and how to behave with others. It was just home, maybe not a perfect one, but still home for me!

Why did i left my loved Italy? Because i had to. Any person would not leave everything behind and risk everything somewhere else if he or she’s not forces to. And i was. Back in 2008 the financial crisis hit Italy very, very, very hard! Hundreds of thousand of people at home, high taxes, too much debts and a very horrible feeling that everythig was falling down an castel of cards in front of a ventilator. It was bad! I was still in school at the time. Since that moment, my country was not able to fix problems and move forwars for many reasons: corruption, too expencive public costs, unemployeement rate and tax rate too high and disappointmentin the society against politics that was never able to deal with the problems. very hig unemployeement and taxe rate, spread disappointment in the society and politics that was never able to deal with the problems.

Then i graduate. I was happy at first, but day after day i realised that i would have never been able to find a job and my family could not afford thousad of dollars to let me go to University. I had no other choice that look for a job and hope for the best. I have no idea how many resumess i have sent…maybe hundreds! And i have never even count all the hours and times spent preparing them…time i will never get back! It was even worse, because the answers was always the same: “sorry, we don’t hire you”. In the beginning i thought i wasn’t good enough, only years later i realised that they have barely money to survive. I was in the right place at the wrong time.

I was 20, no job, no perspective and i was wasting my time sitting home, waiting for some postive calls….useless to say that those calls never came. Could i still wait? Maybe, but for how long? I was getting older and the following years new “fresh and younger blood” than me would have looked for a job…maybe the same i wanted. It wasn’t easy and my position was pretty awful!

So, i take the only wise choice i could take at the moment: my country was not in the position to give a job and a future? I will go somewhere esle where it might be more possible. So, i left..with just my clothes, too much question and doubt and nothing more.

It was painful, but i had to. Once side i had absolutely nothing and a big question mark, on the other side an opportunity. What would you do in the same position?


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