Are Kids our future??

When we talk about kids we say that they are our future. It’s a wonderful thought, but it’s the truth? Because i am not sure about that!

Yes, if we talk about timing, yes, kids are the future because they are gonna live when we will be in a coffin. So, we should help them to have all the necessary means to continue to lead, hopefully better, once we will be gone. But the world is not thinking in that way. Probably it’s me that i have no idea what’s happening around me, but this world is not exactly thinking of kids as a resource to be better, but just future workers that they are gonna pay taxes and the pension to the old people who are “paying the debt with the society”, after having destroyed their body and mind for thirty or more years.

I don’t think that it’s the right way to think about kids and future. I mean, yes, it might be, if we see only the financial situation, but the rest of the potencial discussion is basically cut out from the bigger picture! Kids are not workforces to put to work in the huge money machine called State. It shouldn’t work like that!

I tell you why State will never invest properly in education and what they really are for every governemnt: kids are a very expencive investment and a blindly bet based on nothing. Let me explain.

Once the baby is born, in the first place is a pretty huge investment by the parents: between clothes, time, effort and patience parent are in the front lone to make sure that the baby grows in the best possible way. Once he or she turns 5 or 6, a sit at school waits for him or her. From there becomes a very expencive investment by the State. And that’s the problem. It seems that the State doesn’t care too much of “the future”: between too low investments, failing social structures, lack in initiatives or ideas, for the “future of a nation” the situation doesn’t look so good. I mean, how can you make sure that kids are well educated if there’s not enough schools, teachers, ideas and money? You just can’t. It’s like thinking to build a car when you are broke, without knowing how a car might look like.

But any Country will invest too much money in education, because it’s too risky.One just doesn’t know the future. State can even do the necessry investments, but one doesn’t know how many kids in the future will be good enough to lead the country in the future. You just can’t! Maybe all of them will be able to help the entire society to make huge steps in the next step of the evolution or maybe they will be lazy-asses that will do nothing but taking care of their little businesses and be selfish, forgetting completely the world around them. One doesn’t know…and we all know that nobody will invest money blindly. I would not do it! But we have to see the bigger picture. One say that just one man or woman is enough to change the world. If we will really have one kids who will change the world in the future, the investment was worthy to be done.

Kids are the future…only during the election campaign. Once that the campaign is over, nobody will invest in education: too much expensive and too much risky! Yes, they will promise something and maybe someone will put money, but absolutely not enough to make sure that the kids will be one day the future leaders!


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