Be Curious!

The world we live in is unchangable and it’s perfect…and i am Santa Claus!! Ops…no kid, I AM NOT SANTA CLAUS! The funny part in that is that we are not allowed to think and we have to accept the world how it is. Absolutely not!

My mind works just too much. And i can stop thinking, observing and asking myself “why is something like that?”, “what is that?” and “how does it work?” It’s something i can’t control. And it’s something that’s helping me right now to change my life: it’s because of my curiosity and all of my question (hundreds of questions) that i started my journey as a blogger. Without my huge curiosity i would never EVER begun something like that.

It’s because of curiosity that we have learnt how this world works. Throughot the entire human History, men have seen something and they asked themselves: “Why is that?”. From that moment on, they have learnt, tried, failed, but in the end they have found the answer…an answer that would have changed humanity forever. Science is the perfect example, because the entire scientific community is based on people with question without no answers regarding the planet Earth, the human body and the Universe. If the science doesn’t have any question, either it’s not doing their job properly or there’s literally nothing more to discover.

Journalism is another perfect example of curiosity. Even here people with different ideas and backgrounds ask themselves the same question the scientist aske themelves: “Why is that?”. And from that moment they start to dig deeper and deeper, talk with people, collecting evidence with only one goal: no, not the control, but information. It’s because of their open question that we are able to know the world and the society we live in. It’s because of two journalist’s curiosity that in the 70s Nixon lost his presidency and it’s because of every newspaper and TV show like CNN in the USA, BBC in England, Rai in Italy or ARD in Germany that we are able to read the news all over the world.

Curiosity should not miss even in our lives. We have to ask ourselves “why is that?” everytime we don’t know, we are not sure about it or we think that what we are seein is wrong. Only with curiosity we can start to think about things and maybe improve them, because there is always something to improve. And it might be a little details or an entire concept. We don’t have to accept the world aorund us like it was perfect, because it’s not. There’s a lot to improve and change, but if we don’t start to ask ourselves the only question that matter we will be still here complaining about problem that can be solved if only we start to fix them, changing what’s not working anymore.

Yes, it’s a drag, because once you start to “doubt” everything you will never stop, but it’s the only way to make thing better or learn more aobut the world we live in!

Are you ready to doubt?


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