Critics: opportunity or waste of time?

The bigger one becomes, the higher are the opportunity to create a lovely community to talk and share opinions with or to be better together. However, between those you can call “friends” there are also those who are “enemies” for you, the so called haters. The question is: are haters an important part of your success or not?

The question that someone has to ask itself is the following: how can i grow better and faster?

If you talk with your “lovers”, the reaction you will always receive is very often a positive one. It doesn’t matter what and how often you post, they will be happy for EVERYTHING you do. One side is a wonderful thing, because it’s rewarding to read and hear compliments. It’s a wonderful feeling and you will never can get enough. On the other side, listening only the good part of your fanbase can make you blind, because you will be sure that what you do is good, even if it’s not, just because you supporters will aprreciate you and what you do, no matter what. I know that it’s amazing to be appreciate, but it’s dangerous.

Or you can choose the harder way and start to listen the so called haters or those who are not so happy with what you do. Now, if those people write or tell only insults, just ignore them…we dont have time for useless attacks. But, there are also people, in your hopefully huge fanbase, who really like you, but in that specifi moments they don’t like what you have just published or done for different reasons. Those people are not there just to make your life complicated, but they are maybe fans who have a working brain and think “wait a moment, i like you, but this time you did something bad!” In my opinion, in every moment in our life it’s important to listen all the voices, the good and the bad ones, to have a complete view of what’s happening. There will be those who will not like the whole work you’ve offered, other who will love it, bu they would improve some parts and other who will express their perplexity about the direction you are going. It’s all good and it’s crucial to listen to those people for two reason: you are not gonna lose followers and you will see the problem from different perspectives. However, don’t focus too much of the critics, because it’s easy to think that what you do is alway wrong and you are worthless.

I would advice you to find a balance between the good and the “bad”. Too good is not helpful and too bad is not helpful either. Try to understand what is the most loved and the most unliked parts. In this way you can start to change and adapt you and your work to go in the right direction. Maybe you have to change only a couple of thing or the project is not so cool as you thought in the beginning. However, you have to take the last decision. Listen all and think with your brain. You can’t make everyone happy, but you can create something in the middle that everyone can appreciate.

Don’t forget the goal: you don’t need unconditionally love, but just views and people that will follow you.


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