I Need your HELP!

Help! 4 letter, one word, the most amazing thing a human being can say. There’s no doubt about it…at least, i have no doubt about it. Asking for some help is a demostration of power in different forms!

Asking for some help is a very humble move. In this society we think to know everything and to be able to do everything. But we are not! Nobody knows really everything! How could they? Are they the impersonification of “Google”? They just pretend to be cool, when they are maybe not! I really like the people who ask for help, not because they are weak, because they are not, but because they just can’t do something. It’s normal not to know everything and if i don’t know something, i just ask for some help…and i am ready to help the other when other people are in trouble and they ask nicely for a support.

It’s also a very mature move. As i say, we don’t now everything. Which means they we have limits. There’s nothing wrong in having trouble doing something (for that reason there are expert who can help us) but in this society if you show weaknesses, you are done! you have to be able to do everything now or there’s no more chance in the future. I really appreciate those who says “listen, i know my limit and, at the moment, i can’t do that!”. That doesn’t mean that this person doesn’t even want try to improve his or her ability, but in the beginning it’s absolutely nothing wrong to say “i can’t do that! Can you show me how to do it?”.

Ask for help is a bold move in these days. This world doesn’t accept weaknesses and we all know that. I mean, think about all those people who suffers of mental issues and how they are treated like they should die soon. The society has no idea how to handle weaknesses and doesn’t want to see them. For that reason sometimes asking for a help might be difficult, because nobody wants to really be involved in such a weak things and even if they do, they have no idea what to do. This world forces us to be perfect! The first weak spot we will show, it will be used against us with no mercy!

I have weaknesses and i have asked help quite a few times. I am no capable of doing lot of things. I don’t feel ashamed at all. I know my limit, my weak spots, i accept them i a live with them. No problem whatsoever in my life. And i accept the other’s weaknesses, because are part of the game. One says that only God is perfect and, if i ma right, any of us is able to rule and control this universe, walking on water and multiply bread and fishes. Asking for help is not a problem and it’s normal! What’s not normal is the other’s reaction and lack of emphatie!

Don’t be afraid to know you limit, accept them and ask for help!


2 thoughts on “I Need your HELP!”

  1. For a lot of people, asking for help means letting go of pride and ego. It can be hard to admit you aren’t the smartest in the room or don’t know anything. Ironically, nobody does. All throughout our life we’ll need help. In particularly young and old age, we’re incredibly reliant on loved ones and those who act as caregivers. In young adulthood, there is so much to be learnt. So many firsts and new experiences that need navigating. Middle age is different yet again. You may have developed skills, time and be in a totally different position to earlier in your life but you begin to slow down.

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