Wine: the drink of GODS!

When we talk about wine, people all over the world thing too things: sex and a date. And it’s weird, because wine doesn’t supposed to be used only for that. If you ask an italian, best wine producers ever, the first three things about wine they think, those three things are money, sensorial experience and food! No sex and no date!! Let me help you to understand!

Let’s start saying that there are three kind of wines: cheap, expencive and super expencive ones. Based of what kind of moment you are living or you want to live, you have to choose correctly.

Cheap wine is one of the best drink ever. First because is cheap, which means that you can buy liter of it and second is perfect when you have planned a evening with lot of people and there’s a lot to eat. Cheap wine is used both to get drunk during huge tables, be happy, sing like never before and trying to digest all the pasta and meat has been eaten through the evening. The more people involved, the better the evening and more wine will be drunk and, basically, wasted! As long as you drink low-quality-wine, it’s all good!

Then we have the expencive one. This is a whole another story. Those kind of wine might be found at fancy restaurant for an expencive price. And here is the funny part: if you are at a restaurant, are you able to pick the right wine? Because for every food there’s a specific wine to drink. Not every wine is the same, my dear friend and if you have no idea what you are talking about, don’t destroy a wonderful creation! Just drink wated, please! And if you are together with a woman, you will look like an idiot, because you wanted to be someone you are not! Don’t use wine to impress someone if you have no idea how to.

Or you can buy those expencive wine bottle, looking like an idiot at home. This is the problem: if you buy one of those expencive bottles, they must stay closed. You don’t open a century-old-wine, worth thousand of dollars, just because you want to make sure that the woman in your sitting room will open the legs a little bit later. It’s a huge waste of quality. Super expencive wine is used for only two things: investment and live a gastronomin eperience.

Yes, wine bottles are an investment, i’m not joking! There are bottles worthy hundreds of thousand of dollars. Between the wine collectors, there a huge war to find the rarest and oldest bottle to expand the collection and they are ready to spend only God know how much just to have all of them. There are high-tech security system, people paid lot of money to certified the bottles and schools where winemaker learn how wine is made and their entire history! Million of dollars are involved in the business every years and you would be ready to use those masterpiece for sex? What are you? A monkey or what?

Wine is not only a drink, but also an experience. You just don’t drink wine, you date it! Yes, forget the big-breast-women! If you drink wine, a great wine, all your five senses will be overwhelmed by the structure, the flavour and the consistency of a masterpiece like that. It will be better than sex! There are hundreds of differents flavours and some people in this world are actually ready to spend lot of money just to travel all over Europe and taste wines and live all those wonderful experience that only this divine drink is able to give.

Wine is not only a drink to impress a woman. It’s a masterpiece you have to learn, live and taste. Don’t be so stupid to waste the moment! P***y can wait!


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