5 things i want to do before to die!

I am not a person with too much wishes. The problem is that the wishes i have are probabyl pretty impossible to realise. However, never say never! This are five things i would like to do before to live as energy in the universe!

Travel to the North pole. More specifically, i want to go to the magnetic pole, stand there and see the compass going crazy because it doesn’t know anymore where the North is. It would be so funny! Yes, I would spend money and use other people’s time to do something stupid. Welcome in my brain! But even cooler would be staying there at midnight, with the sun still up in the sky, with the stupid compass turning around like crazy. It would be cold, but very cool! I will be at the very top of the world!!

Equator. Once I have frozen my “hammer of love” in the North Pole, just to see two of the most amating thing in life (midnight sun and the magnetism), it’s time to sweat….a lot! This time i just want to take one picture of me with one side in summer and the other side in winter. More than that, i would also take picture dressed accordingly, of course! Which means i would take one picture in swimming trunks in the summer half of the planet and with a coat, scarf and gloves in the winter side, althought the weather will be too hot fot that! People in Greenwich take picture straddling on the Greenwich Meridian, I would do it on the Equator…together with lions, gorillas and elephants. it’s just insane just thinking about it. There’s also another place on the Equator i would want to visit: it’s a soccer stadium, where the midfield line of perfectly on the Equator! Playing a match there would be insane!

Driving a F1 Car. I am a F1 fan and I love watching F1 races, despite lately are actually not so exciting, but the speed, technology and development involved in this sport is something that drives me crazy. People tell always how difficult is to drive those four-wheels-monsters, well..i wnat to test it personally! I would sell my kidney do put my butt in a F1 car and drive it for few laps on a race track. It would be terrified, but absolutely amazing! No matter which team, i just would want to see with my own eyes how crazy a human being might be, because driving so fast is not an healthy thing to do.

Visit Area 51. I would visit the most famous military base on the planet just because I am curious. I know already that there’s no aliens in that base, but can you imagine how many views can I make if can make a vlog and pictures in the most top-secret place? I would be the man of the moment!

Meet the GIRL’S GENERATION. I know that probably doesn’t sound so epic like the “North Pole thing”, but this something personal. I am in love with all NINE members (yes, Jessica is for me still a GG’s member). I would have not so much questions to ask, but just sitting there will all the members would be insane! I would be so nervous, happy, scared and excited to meet by far my most loved group of all.

If i will be able to do all those things, i can actually say that my life would be complete i could die happily!!


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