Abortion is a human right to protect!

I am pretty pissed every time either someone or a certain group of people are not able to use their right to decide for theirselves. And i am more pissed when women are involved. I don’t actually understand why women are not in the position to decide what to do with their body.

It’s insane even to think of the possibility to prevent woman to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Why? Just because you are killing a living human being? Well, let me say this: it’s not a human being, but an agglomerate of cells, who will become in the furure a baby. There’s no soul and no personalities in the embryo. If we think about that EVERY cell as a soul, we should not even be allowed to hurt ourselves, because with just one wound we have killed hundreds of cells and those in blood flow outside or body, knowing death in a very hard way. If you think that abortion is bad, a wound is a genocide.

If you are those who defend lfe at any cost, well, let me tell you this: life must be worth to be lived. If a single mom or parents are not in the situation or position to raise a child why the society has to force the kids to life a horrible life? One could not allow that! Because it would be painful for the parents, for the baby itself and that sad, poor, frustrated and angry kid can turn into a criminal in the future…and nobody wants that! When a woman gets pregnant it’s not because she was irresponsible, stupid or she doesn’t care what might happen to her. It’s not the point! It might happen that the condom fail and the pill doesn’t work as it suppose to. It’s an accident, a case and we have to give women the opportunity to fix a problem that nobody wanted to create!

A civil Society is based on equality…well, it should be based on equality! and every person should decide what to do with their body! Especially women. This world is insane and if we talk about moms, the situation is even crazied, because in lots of countries government “forces” women to have a job and kids, but in the end she can actually only one of those two things: either go to work or have a baby! There are not the condition to make sure that women can have a wonderful career and all the time to spend at home with the child. I can actually completey understand why a woman wants to terminate a pregnancy, because if she keeps the baby she will for sure lose what she have done at work so far!

The only way a State can discourage this kind of medical treatment is to make sure that a woman can go to work, and have all the opportunity to have a wonderful career, and raise a child. Anyway, i am sure that if a woman can be a manager and a mom at the same time, she would not even think to do something so painful. Do you have any idea how much there’s still to do to achieve that kind of result?

Abortion is a right we have to protect, until we live in a stupid and blind society!


18 thoughts on “Abortion is a human right to protect!”

      1. You can’t kill something that is not alive. By having an abortion you are obviously killing. The babies heart stops beating and it dies.
        A human is a human the second its heart starts beating… And human is dead when its heart stops beating…

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      2. The problem is that we have to define the concept of life! This is the key, because apparently there are different ideas of what life is: for you someone is alive when its heart beats, for me is when someone can choose and define itself. From my point of view, a three-moths-old fetus is not alive because is not in the condition do define itself and choose. For you it’s something different and i respect that, but i’m not agree with the way you see the abortion.


      3. Well, that’s your opinion and i respect that! However i am still of the opinion that if a woman, for very good reasons, wants to terminate the pregancy, we should give her all the LEGAL opportunity to do that. Is it bad? It depends on how you look at it, but we can’t decide for someone else. We have the right to define ourselves and that’s the problem. If we say that a woman is not allowed to terminate her pregnancy, we are saying that a woman is not in the position to define herself. I know that for you my thought sounds horrible, but i want to thank you for your opinions!! That helps me a lot to understand this very complicated problem for another point of view!

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  1. Reading through the above conversation has got me very interested and I do feel I must comment. This is my story and my views. A view that definitely changed after I was raped and fell pregnant. Definitely a situation one does not expect to find themselves in. The whole situation was quite traumatic but I didn’t find out about my pregnancy until about four months in. I had a miscarriage at that time. Excruciating pain for two weeks.. and it only makes sense. After all, another being is inside you. Where it was once breathing, it now ceased to. Where it once existed, it fell away. I say that and mean it quite literally. That was my experience. This tiny little thing fell into my hand and gave me the shock of my life. I was heartbroken and yet I’d never seen something so perfect. I can understand why you question the status of a baby of a couple of months. I did too. I couldn’t work out, even with the help of the internet, whether the baby was still forming from cells or actually had begun to take shape. I can tell you honestly that this was a child. It had the smallest of limbs but you could definitely make out what it was. That’s what shattered me. Finally, I had an answer to my question. I just wasn’t so sure I wanted it. I still feel a lot of shame and sadness when I think about that miscarriage because I didn’t want it to happen. I had taken too many Advil’s during that time for pain and I was tired too, so had coffee. What I took away from the experience was this though- abortion never felt like the right choice for me and didn’t cross my mind. Even though I absolutely detest the circumstances that baby was made under, I felt I could separate the conception from the baby itself. My belief is that abortion wouldn’t feel right for me personally, but I can’t and will not speak for other people. It is out of respect, after all. I don’t know their circumstances- perhaps they don’t want a permanent tie to trauma of their past. Maybe it was incest, god forbid. Perhaps the person is very young. I think the real problem is in mindset. When people think of abortions as plan b. Abortions are certainly not birth control and shouldn’t be had under circumstances where there is a ready, established and healthy family who are able to take care of a baby. Perhaps they just don’t feel it is the perfect time. I was stripped of my choice when I was raped and when I had that miscarriage. That’s why it’s so important to me that people are afforded that choice. I know what it’s like to suffer in that way so I could never judge another person for making a choice they felt was the better one. When it comes to abortion, no choice is perfect, but one is certainly more fitting than the other.

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    1. I am not against pregnancy…probably i express my thought not as clear as i wished. I’m just saying that if a woman NEEDS to terminate her pregnancy, she must be in the position to do that! That’s all. I have wtitten something about how amazing pregnancy is, but not for every woman is. That’s my point!

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      1. I wasn’t thinking that. Not a problem at all 😅 I get what you mean. It’s just a very complicated multi faceted topic and I highly doubt you’d find any one person who agrees with every part of what you say! Same goes for religion, politics etc

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