When you are in love with someone you don’t think at the other as only a person to share your moments with, but as a rock, a safe place and someone you can be with and feel safe all of a sudded. The world around you doesn’t exist anymore and the only thing you have is your endless love for someone that makes you smile and blush just looking at you with eyes full of love!

You need that kind of person who listens to you, no matter what or for how long. You don’t deserve to be alone, even if with you there’s someone around you. This is not a relationship should work. You must be free to let your mind and your soul free to talk about eveything, even the most stupidest or dirtiest thing ever you have to be heard from the person you love the most!

You need someone who can make you feel safe and profected, like being in a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean, when the hurrican around you tryes so hard to take you down. It will be the place you can protect yourself from the storm around you and the place you can recover when your energy will be drained.

You need someone with you, sharing all the moments and support you everytime you need. He or she must cheer you up when you feel tired, disappointed, or when you feel that you can’t do what you are doing any longer, and take you down with your feet on the ground, when you are flying around for the happiness and joy. You need also someone who knows your needs: he or she must be able to understand both when to take your hand and help you to continue your journey when you are lost and all around you is dark and when to make a step back, letting you walking with your own feet, but staying always one step behind you just in case he or she needs to help and support you.

You need somene that make you laugh hard like you never laughrd in your entire life. You need someone who is able to put a smile on your face everytime you are together, even doing absolutely nothing. Just his or her presence close to you must me a wonderful reason joy to be happy and smile. If you are not happy with someone, why staying with that person anyway?

You need someone that kisses, touches you so good that you will forget even your name form all the feeling you will have in your mind. You deserve to be loved as much as possible and you need to be treated like the unique being that you are! Yes, maybe that men will mess your lipstick, but because he or she kisses you too much, not because he or she slaps you!

You need to be loved like you are the only in the world!


4 thoughts on “I NEED You!”

  1. Such a wholesome post. It so nice to be in love, no? My favorite part is when you said how the right person can make you smile when you are doing nothing. Just their presence is enough! I hope you are enjoying this kind of love right now.

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