Place i want to VISIT: Australia

I don’t like travel too much, because i’m too lazy. However for Australia i would make an exeption. I mean, Australia is one of the most beautiful Island in the world. I know already that in Australia there are problems like every country in the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that i would spend 20 hours up in the air just to be there! And the reason are too much!

Let’s start saying that it would be awesome to realised how in three Century Australia was able to become one of the most “richest and western” country in the South-East Asia. It incredible to see how Sydney is more similar to Toronto than Bali, for example. If you think about that, it’s insane!

I pretty obseesed with skyscrapers and glas and the biggest australian cities are pretty full of them. This is something that turns me on even more that streap-tease (yes, you can call me loser). There’s literally nothing better that a downtown full of high biuldings, with a tremendous modern look. It’s so cool! Yes, i could easily go in the United State to see that, but there’s something that New York doesn’t have…

…The Christmas in summer. How weird must that be? I was born in Europe and we have always Christmas in winter…which means snow, cold weather and very short days. Meanwhile in Australia it’s summer, a very hot summer, people at the beach swim and celebrate Jesus’ birth with the Sharks and Santa Claus bring the gift over a surfboard. I think that watching Santa Claus ride the waves like a pro might be the ultimate experience. I pretty sure about that!

Animals are another reason to visit Australia: between Koala that shits like no tomorrow, kangaroos that have nothing else in mind than punch you in the face and poisoning creatures inside the Continent, who doesn’t want to be there? It’s gonna be fun…if you survive! I’m joking, of course! I know that there’s so much more to see and it will be so coll to see animals i have never seen before in my life!

Yes, i could say that i would visit Asutralia just to check if it’s true that all the women are super hot! But i think that it was obvious…i mean, i’m a stupid man! Of course i would try to see if every woman is as beautiful as Nicole Kidman. Are you kidding me? But i would not do it clearly, because i don’t wanna look like a jerk…well, not too much like a jerk!

It would be a very fascinating, weird and wonderful experience to do. So, australian tourit minister…if you are reading this article and you need someone to promote Australia in Europe, just let me know! I wait here! I ain’t go nowhere


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