Thank you Doctors!

This post is not only a tribute, but also a way to think about how important doctors, researchers and nurses really are. Because when the times are good and we are healthy, nobody think about the importance of doctors, but when we are sick things change a lot and pretty fast!

Covid-19 is a bad bitch. We all know that. Millions of people infected and more than one million died worldwide. Althought these times are pretty hard to live, this pandemic give us an opportunity to test our healthcare and how good might be its response. Well, useless to say that no matter where you live, hospitals and doctors suffered and have had huge issues to help those who needed a help. No because they are selfish or lazy, but because they didn’t have the right tools and not enough workers to work properly and fight back one of the most dangerous thing in the last 50 years.

Why is the situation so bad? Why is healthcare so in trouble? Lack of invenstment in the first place. Well, there’s to say that a pandemic like that was pretty hard to predict, however, if one takes a look of the numbers, you can easily understand that the healthcare is good enough only for the normality. And that’s pretty bad, because it means that there’s no plan if something bad might happen. If the situation gets a little bit worse, in some country the entire system might collaps because there’s not enough people, medicine and beds to cure the patients.

And we are not in 1950, but in 2020. I can understand that during the Cold War, some countries in Europe and the United States needed to invest money in other way, like in the defence, because the risk or a war was pretty serious. But today? I mean, why are we wasting billions of dollar in the defence? It’s stupid! Give that money to the healtcare! We want to live longer and healthy!

In this time of medical emergency we have realised that we should change the way we spend money. It’s pretty clear that hospital doesn’t have enough space for the emergency and they don’t have even enough money to hire more people. We are in trouble. Doctors are in trouble! I’m not saying not that we have to double the size of every single hospital in the world, i am just saying that if we want to be cured properly in every situation, we neen to start to spend lot of money to give to the hospital the opportunity to be ready for extreme emergency.

I know that this kind of investment might be useless, because something extreme doesn’t happen every year, and you might be right, but right now of huge emergency, the goverment have to shut the country down to prevent the collapse of the entire healthcare.

With more money, doctor can work better, better prepared, hospitals can both hire more people and train them as one should do. In this way,, in case of emergency one doesn’t have to run against the time, but one can fight back properly, as one should do in 2020!


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