Are you Jealous?

You meet someone, you start to date him or her and after weeks, or even months of patience persistence and constancy, you can finally do what seemed to be impossible in the beginning: break through your beloved’s heart! Emotions are just too stronf to be controlled and you think to live a dream. Then something happens!

You start to feel something, something you have never fel before. You get mad when he or she talks, spends some times with another woman or man or you get “mad” when he or she doesn’t answer the phone or come home too late. All fo a sudden, you realise that you are jealous. Is it so bad? Absoltuely not…well, it depends! It depends on how much you are jealous.

Jealousy is part of a relationship. It’s not a weakness, but the proof that you care of the relatioship and the person you are in love with. If you love someone, the last thing you want is neither the end of something amazing nor lose the one you want in your life for the rest of your life maybe. So, instinctively you want to “control” that your partner behave good and he or she doesn’t do nothing wrong, like cheating or betray your trust!I am single, so i don’t have this kid of problem, but if my future girlfriend or wife is a little bit jealous, i would be glad, because it means that she loves me and cares of the relationship she has with me. The other partner must only accept that, live with it and make sure not to make his or her jealousy too high or beciming a problem.

The problem is when the jealousy becomes too much, infecting the relatioship. There are people who are “controlling-freak” and it’s a huge problem in the relationship, because both partner must know what’s going on, but they have to have faith in the other. If trust and faith fail, there’s a huge problem in the jealous’ person, because the jealous partner is insecure and he can’t trust the other when they are not together in the same room. The other problem is that too jealousy makes think something that maybe doesnt even exists: if the partner doesn’t answer the phone, or he/she comes home too late, the other thinks about cheating, when in truth the phone was dead and there was a bad traffic Jam. Too much jealousy is bad and can destroy not only the relationship, but also the jealous person’s mind.

There must be a balance between trust and jealousy. Being jealous is something normal, in good “quantity” can be something more in the relationship, but when too much, it can be dangerous for all the people involved.

Just be jealous but have trust in your partner. It will be good for you, your mind and your beloved!


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