Be empathetic!

In this world we are used to think about only about ourselves. And the reasons are a lot: selfishness, blindness, fear, maybe racism and too less time. I have just only one question: s this the right way to live? What would happen if we stopped for one minute and opened our eyes?

We are just too closed to the world. Every day, we walk with face down, we don’t look anyon and we think only about how we feel and how bad the world around us it, without thinking that the others around you are thinkin gexactly the same. We are so close, but so distant at the same time. If we only took a look in the eyes, we will realised something important: there’s an entire world that needs a help, like we do.

But more important, there are people who need to be listened or helped, like you need to. Thinking as a single human being has brought us here to live in a pretty toxic environment. If we really thing that we are a community we should start to look around us and see other’s faces and look in their hearts. we have too much to improve and too much we can do to make this world a wonderful place for everyone.

It doesn’t make any sense to create a place that it’s good only for us. This is not how humanity supposes to work. We are in the same boat here and nobody is better than anybony. We have the same problem, the same worries and we feel the same feelings. We should start to realised that we win and we lose together.

And the only way we have to be better is just starting to understand the other’s feeling and the other have to understand our feelings. We should start to learn to see through other’s people eyes and understandt what’s wrong ad help them to improve their lives and be better as human being. Being blind or selfish doesn’t help us at all. The more we hide behind our thoughts, the more we leave the people outside and the more we will have troubles to live in a society that “doesn’t uderstand us”.

We have to understand how the people around us really feel. How can we be better if we don’t know what we do wrong? We can’t. It’s necessary to build a new community…a community based on feeling, respect and empathie, where everyone is understood, appreciated and helped to fell as best as they could. Any of us deserve to be let in a corner and forgotten. We have to open to the other and we have to let the other in.

If we really want to make something better, this is the way. be empathic, understands other’s feeling and make sure to make them happy. If we all do that, you will see how amazing the world will be!


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