Vintage #1: Cassette!

I don’t know, maybe i’m getting old pretty fast, but i’m a nostalgic soul and everytime i thing of the thing the world has left behind it, tears roll down my face and i get sad! Being born in the earyl 90s allowed me to live amazing moment, listen amazing music and find new way to insult something. And the guilty is only one object: the audiocassettes!

Music in the 90s were amazing, no doubt about it! I am of the opinion that the music between the late 90s and the beginning of the 2000s is the most amazing music ever. Between Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Boyzoen, N’Sync, Eminem, Snoop Doog, Gigi D’agostino, Eifell 65, just to name few of those amazing artist, you turned on the radio and your ears were very happy to exists!

However, i am convinced that there’s relation between music and objects you can use to listen to it: the worst the music, the easier are the tools. Today, the only things you need is Spotify, a smartphone, an internet connection and you can actually listen all the music you want everywhere you are. It’s an easy task and the musci is not so great, apart from very few exeptions here und there. Basically, most of the songs are only notes, voices and no feeling involved: you listen to one song and you pass to the next one, without even notice it.

In the 90s the situation was slightly different, because smartphone, like Wi-Fi were only a fantasy. Before, we had devil’s tools! Cassette, in my experience, were the most annoying thing i used in my childhood. First you have two sides (side A and side B), where one one side one had an half of the album and on the other side the other half. Which means that you had to change side in the middle of the listening…and it was frustrating. But it wasn’t the biggest problem. The big two problems were the tape that tangle too often and the demagnetization of the tape itself.

If the tape tangled you had two scenarios. Scenario number one, the cassette were outside the recorder, in that case “the only thing” you had to do is just take a pen and roll manually the two coils to make sure that the tape got back where it supposed to be, without wrap the tape itself, otherwise you had to start over from the very beginning…and you have no idea how much time and patience you needed! Scenario number two, the cassette were inside the recorder. In that case you only had to pray that the recorder had not broken or damaged the tape, because if it did, you had to do only three thing: insults everry every single saint in paradise, cry for the money you spent and throw the cassette in the garbage. It wasn’t a wonderful moment at all!

In case that the tape demagnetized the only thig you could do was just one: nothing. Maybe now with the technoligy can you do something, but in the past, there was nothing you can do about it! And music was not so cheap!

As i said before, the harder the listening to the music, the better is the music itself. And it’s true. I mean, even today onerememebers the Spice Girl’s songs and people went crazy where they announced the reunion. Can you say the same for Pitbull or Nickelback? I don’t think so. As i said, the eaiser the listening, the worse the quality. And you can’t prove me wrong!

If you really want to listen to some good stuff, take a recorder, buy a cassette (if you can), take you some times, and enjoy the quality!


2 thoughts on “Vintage #1: Cassette!”

  1. I love the older music from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. I was born at the end of 2003. I listen to some of today’s pop songs but mostly enjoy indie and folk music. Then there’s the older songs. They really are good. Bands and artists like Vanessa Carlton, The cranberries, Avril lavigne, the Jackson 5 etc


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