Violence is Stupid!

Every form of violence for me is a huge nonsense, both phisical and verbal. Why does someone has to start a fight against someone else? Why everytime we have a problem we have to start always to argiung just to be right? It’s absolutely pointless!

Every time there’s a problem, we have to start to fight, thinkin that it’s normal. No, it’s not! The funny part is that we waste so much time and energy with fights that we don’t understand that those moment of anger and frustration don’t allow us to live as best as we should.

Who cares who’s right or wrong! There’s something more important to deal with and if we don’t deal with the problem, this becomes bigger and bigger every single day.

I was that kind of guy picked a fight for stupid reasons. Then i realised that it was stupid for many, many reason: i wasted so much time and energy trying to be right, but the problem was still there…and often the solution i chose was not the right one, because the anger and frustration blinded me. I needed lot of time to figure out that losing time arguing didn’t bring anyway. The only way one has to solve problem is talk…calmly and with the problem in focus,

There’s always a solution fo everything. Yes, maybe the solution is pretty painful and hard to accept, but it’s better to face the solution that living with the problem forever. One way or the other we have to move on. And to do that, we have to understand why the problem appeared in the beginning and what to do in the future to make sure that something like that will never gonna happen. Life is a really bad teacher. And those more effected by stupid fights are couples.

They fight often and it’s not cool. And i actually don’t get that: your beloved must be the last person you want to fight against, but here we hare seeing couple that often doesn’t speak in a very costructive way, because they start to put the blame of the others. This is wrong, very wrong. There’s no reason to do that. It’s cruel to blame the person you love the most for something happens and it’s mortifying, because your partner knows already to have made a mistake…he or she doesn’t need listening the other screaming in his or her face. It’s horrible. Is it something happened? One must to fix the problem and move on. That’s how a mature couple deal with problems.

And the same happens in the community. How many times we have observe a group of people protesting very hard against the State? It doesn’t bring nothing! Violence is never the answer! We should learn how to deal with problem like adults, sitting on a table and face every single wrong thing in the realtioship! Bombs, police force and arrests are not the answers…at all!

Of course there are consequences that both have to face…and sometimes are really hard, but if you waste your time screaming all the possible insults in your partner’s face, you haven’t solved absolutely nothing, because the Damocle’s sword is still there.

If you really want to live better, fix the problem and then do what you think it’s necessary to move on, whatever that is! No hatred, no frustration, just looking at the future, but learning from the past!


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