Most Amazing Moments: Autumn und Rainy Day!

I am the kind of person, who lives every single the moment as best as it gets. And in every moments, emotions run in my mind and even the little tiny detail can eb the reason of the smile on my face or the beginning of a great idea. It’s really awesome to think how much the little moments can effect our mood. And autumn days are one of those moments!

I don’t know, but i have contrast feelings when i think about autumn: on one side i hate it, because it means that the summer is gone, no more bikinis on the beach, no more mini skirts on the street and no more feeling of love, happiness and freedom; on the other, however, it’s just lovely to see both the colour of the leaves, with thise wnderful colours, and look the nature prepare itself for the long sleep winter sleep, knowing that in few months everything will wake up during the spring.

Autumn means also a couple of things more: darkness, cold weather and lot of rain. Yes, it might sounds sad and awful, but it’s not. I think that the rainy day in Autumn are the best of all year. I can actually think nothing more lovely than those days.

Especially when you are at home in one of those typican cloudy ad dark autumn afernoon: the rain is pouring down, it’s getting darker outside because it’s almost evening, but your house is lightened by candles, thath give those warm vibe around you, and you are sitting in front of your window looking at the life of the city below you, while you are drinking a cup of hot and deliciuos coffee. I can’t actually think anything more magnificent than that. This moment is so peaceful and i feel so good that nothing would be able to ruin my joy and inner peace.

Or, even more cool, is when you are walking on the street , the sky is getting darker and darker and both the street lamps and the cars light up the city together, giving to it those feeling of calm and peaful chaos. I don’t know if you feel the same, especially in the big city, but i think that autumn gives to them those kind of “sad and lovely” look that it’s hard to understand, especially if it has rained before and the street, the cars and the buildings are wet. The reflection of the light on a wet surface is actually insane! It’s even more awesome when you share those moment with the person you love…i mean, those romantic moments are simply priceless!

Probably it’s me that feels too much and let emotion run too easily throgh me, but every time i see cloud in October and November is felt so good! I am always in a wonderful mood…i can actually explained in word! It’s just right!

And you, do you love rainy day in Autumn?


3 thoughts on “Most Amazing Moments: Autumn und Rainy Day!”

  1. Your descriptions really served to transport me to a new time and place! there is nothing cosier for me than being by the fireplace as it gets dark and cold outside or cuddling up in a blanket with cheesecake and warm coffee, listening to the pitter patter of rain outside. I have these beautiful big windows in my room and love to look at the palm trees, flowers and greenery outside. Bit of an urban jungle but it makes me smile. I also enjoy being in the big city as it rains, as long as I’m in a big coat and have an umbrella. There truly are adventures to be found in everyday. We just need to keep a positive mindset in believe in life’s small treasures x

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