Simply Coffee: what esle could i say?

Just saying the word coffee i have so much energy in my body that i can walk a couple of meters and lay on my bed. There are those who says that is an absolutely must in their lives and the other who lies. But why is coffee, between all the energetic drink, so loved?

Because it tastes amazing? Not only. I think that coffee is an experience, like wine. Around coffee people have written books, created contest and communities. I’m not kiddind. In Italy the “Caffè Espresso” is protected by the “Consorzio di Tutela del Caffè Espresso“, and organisation who protect, preserve and teach people how to have the best possible experience drinking coffee. Epresso is so loved that Italy wants the protection by the Unesco. And actually i would be agree with that, because let be clear: nobody outside italy has a clue how to make the perfect Coffee. And It’s more complicated and expensive than you think! we can’t afford to see a masterpiece like that being destroyed and humiliated!

However, i want to use this opportunity to say something: american coffee and coffee from Starbucks tastes awful! You can drink them, you are free to do that, but if you call it coffe, i will look for you, i will find you and i will force you to try the REAL COFFEE…then let me know!

As i said before, Coffee is an experience for two reasons. The first reason is the fact that everytime you drink it, you are happy. No matter how bad your day was, a coffee will put a huge smile on your face. I don’t know, maybe the taste or the expectation we have, but it works amazing for me when i need something absolutely strong to help me to get until the end of the day. It doesn’t happen often often, but sometimes only smelling the coffee flavour in the air makes me happy and in a very good mood.

The second reason is that between all the kind of coffee beans around the world and the different combinations you can create, the number of flavours you can actually tastes are endless..even more than beer, probably! Yes, we all know that most of the coffe bens we find of the supermarket come from Brazil or arabic countries, but there are other country who actually grows coffee…and some of them are pretty unusual. As for the wine, you can actually need years just to discover all the kind of beans and taste all the flavours. Let me tell you, that would be the best journey EVER!

About the taste there’s nothing more i can say: just perfection! It’s just too much to put in word. You have just to try!

In the rest of the world is just a drink, but in Italy is almost a tradition. No matter where you go, if you are working and you want to take a break, the first thing you think is the “coffee break!”. Nobody thinks about tee, milk or water, but Coffe. Drinking coffee is a way to stay together, have a little break and spend some quality time with friends or collegues.

I don’t know if cofee can be cosidered the perfect drink of all, but i’m sure that we are really close to it!



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