Thank you Teachers!

I wasn’t the smartest guy in the world when i was in school, both because i didn’t like spending hours of my day learning stuff about dead people or thing i had no interest to and because i hated my teachers, all of them. I just thought they were an obstacle between me and my happiness. Useless to say that i was stupid.

I don’t even know where we would be without those people. Just think about it, without teachers we would not better than monkeys! With all the respect for monkeys, of course!

They are the classic grain of rice over a perfectly balanced weight scale: based on where you put the grain, you change the balance. In reality the better the teacher can work, the better the society will be. It’s always depends where one decides to put that grain…and who has the grain in the hand is the Government.

It’s thanks to the teachers that we learn how to read, write, count, if we know both how this world works and our past, helping every single kid to understand the reason why something happened, to make sure that the new generation doesn’t make the same mistakes the old generation did in the past.

Being a teacher is not only a job, it’s a mission. They are like soldiers, but they don’t kill other people, they are here to save us from ignorance, allowing us not to be scared when something happened in front of us, giving us all the necessary knowlegde to understand what’s going on and behave accordingly. Think if you can’t read: everything will be a disaster, because you would have no idea what to do. Your life would impossible to live: you could not sing any contract, you could not read any newspaper, and you can’t actually buy anything, because for you numbers are something impossible to decipher. Every single think you can do is because someone teach you how to do it: write, draw, play a sport, play an instrument, count… .

More importantly, they teach you how to behave in a community. Yes, a class full of other kids or teenagers is a community. A school is a community. And teachers are the leadership, that set the rules we have to respect, like “don’t talk when i’m talking”, “do you job”, “the better your test, the highe your mark” and “respect the others”…those are only few of the rules a we all had or has to respect when we were or are in the school. And those rules are the same rule we have also respect in our daily life…with the only difference that at school, if you do something wrong, you parents will be informes, but if you something wrong outside the school, you have to deal with the police…and police is not so kind like your mommy.

In Japan one says “without teacher there would be no emperor”. I’m not kidding in Japan teacher are so important that they are the only people who are allowed not to bow to the emperor. And it’s true: without teacher, there would not be a government, a parliament and all the people who make sure a Country works as it should be.

You can hate them, because they set the rules and we all know that when one is a teenage rules are not exactly the most amazing thing to follow, but without those there would not be a society, a community or even a World! We have to protect and help them! They are our past, our present and our future!


3 thoughts on “Thank you Teachers!”

    1. Absolutely. People think taht money today are the only thing that matter…but it’s not: between Europe and Africa, for example, the difference is only made by education. With the same education quality Africa would probably way richer than Europe.

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