Would you use a gun?

I know already: this might be maybe a pretty controversial topic. I get that! But, i’m asking myself: owning a gun as a self-defence is good things?

Well, my answers is no, but not for the reason you can expect. I’m not against gun, i think that they are a great piece of mechanics and some of them are a very precious piece of art. You can’t like it or not, you can say that they are only pain’s dispenser, but old guns have also written our history, huge pages of human’s history, and it’s right to protect them, and show them in museums, to help us to understand how awful sometimes violence can be. On the other side, i don’t think that having a gun at home or when we are on the street might be a good thing.

We have the right to protect ourselves. Our life and health is something that nobody must not even think to try to hurt. But, we can’t control other’s actions, so we have to make sure to come back home safely. I’m not saying that now all the people around wou will try to hurt us, but you don’t know what might happen, and we know that.

Now the question: in this world full of uncertainties, would you have gun on you and maybe use it, if your freedom is threatened? I would not, not because i could not use it, but it’s not my problem to protect myself. It maybe sound weird, but it’s true!

The State has to protect me. We, as human being, give up the control of the community we live in to the government. We know that. So, it’s every government’s job and duty to make sure that i can walk on the street without being attacked or harassed, that i can preserve my private property and i can go wherever i want without being scared to be kidnapped, killed or tortured. In a normal Country, the police must be on the street and control that everyone is followin the rule and behave as a civil person. The problem is that today police is not so present on the territory or it doesn’t do what it has to do.

Then people start to buy guns because they have no more trust in the Police, because they see that police officers are not in the condition to do their job as the should. And that’s bad, because guns are not like toys: you can use them as amuch as you want. Once you pull the trigger someone gets hurt. Allowing people to use a gun without any control is bad and it can have catastrophic consequences.

In my case, i would never use a gun. I would actually do something more powerful: vote someone who promise me to protect me and invest in the police department, making sure that in the city the criminality rate might decrease! This is the only way we can do to make sure to live in a better city. i just don’t like the fact that we are coming back to the Far West, where everyone make justice for themselves. This is not how a civil community supposes to work!

And you, would you use a gun?


5 thoughts on “Would you use a gun?”

  1. I would love to have a gun for self-defence purposes. I don’t have a problem with that at all but unfortunately, guns are illegal in Australia. 🙉 In a sense, I am glad because that lowers the risk of a mass shooting but the other side of me wants one as a form of self-defence. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am in the middle…😉

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