5 thing to do before i die #2

If you follow me, thing i really recommend to do (if you don’t want to see me naked in your dream doing the helicopther), you know that i am not actually mentally stable. In the prevoius “top 5” i wrote about five places i would visit or do. Here’s another one, because the monkey in my brain is acting crazy than usual. Let’s move quickly.

A weekend on the ISS: for those who have no idea what the ISS is, the “International Space Station” is huge space station that orbits above our heads. Can you actually imagine i cool would be to see the BLUE BALL (Earth is not flat) underneath you? More than that, how many like would i take if i make a selfie with the Earth in the background? I don’t even know i will be able to do that, but never lose hope!

Christmas on the beach: I live in Europe and i was born in the northern Emisphere, which means that, for me, Christman is always with a freking cold weather, maybe snow and very long dark hours. For once in my life i would live what it means celebrate Christman on the beach under the summer hot weather and very long day! Maybe i would be disapointed, but at least i would try!

Try the labor. Ok, probably this one is avery crazy one, but hear me out: a man makes a family because he wants to have a baby. It’s a wonderful thing, but i think that men must also feel the pain of the labor and the birth itself. Not because a man has to suffer, but there are man who actually doesn’t care too much of a woman’s will and insist to have a son or a daughter, without even think the pain and discomfort a woman has to feel during the pregnancy. I know that mother-to-be actually love those nine months, but the weight and the “bigger dimension” are a “problem”

Being on a Jet. Being faster than the sound it’s something i always wanted to feel. We can’t still go faster than the light, i would be happy if i hear the “boom” when one breaks the sound’s wall. Flying so fast must be amazing…and actually very scary! But i want to put my ass on a Jet and fly so fast that even the sound can reach me! I have just one question: if i scream, will the sound come out of my mouth? Please, don’t answer! I want to test it personally, it was just a rethorical question!

Watch the Nazca’s line. There are theories around it, but i don’t care. Those picture are fascinating to see. The only problem is that they are in Perù and you can see them only on the Airplane. It’s not a rare thing, but it’s pretty hard to organize. I have my idea about those wonderful masterpieces, but i would dirve over them just to enjoy the view of something so old and so incredible!

And you? What’ your 5 places?


7 thoughts on “5 thing to do before i die #2”

  1. I can’t deal. Laughing like a nutcase once again. In my head at least. I don’t know where you get these ideas but they’re brilliant- too too good. I so want to laugh properly right now but unfortunately I’m in a room full of people!

    Nazca’s line sounds very interesting. I’ve googled it so I can have a proper opinion of it. Google says geoglyphs etched into desert sands. That must be insane from a top view.


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