Does the world make us mentally sick?

In this society the mental health is one fo the most important thing we want to keep in the best possible shape! People in internet, superstar and every single one of us has got different solution to be happy, but we have all in common the fact the we are looking for an answer. Well, the answer is not as easy as one can think!

In my opinion, mental health is not something you can achieve with meditation or taking drugs. Well, you could, but it’s a huge effort and it’s sometimes useless: how can you feel good when the world around you tries everything it could to make you feel miserable? The only way you have right now to be happy is the isolation from the entire world…but you can’t, because sooner or later you have leave your house for some reasons! In this moment, mental health is something impossible to achieve until we don’t change the world around us.

Sound naive, but the society we live in is the problem. Think about how many stress, effort and energy are requested to live properly. We have run, because time is never enough, we have to work sometimes longer than we should, to make richr someone else, and people often expect from us something we are not sometimes able to deliver. And the more we live in this condition, the more our body and mind suffer. The longer we run and collect stress, the higher are the probability to feel bad and not to think as we supposed to…and we all know that depression, and disorders are actually the results of a life that doesn’t know the words “take a break and slow down!”

If we really want to finally move over from depression and mental disorser we have to start to change the way we live. we should work less and have more time for us. With more time available we can actually start to think about activities and hobbies we would like to do, helping our mind to take a break from the rush this society forces us to live and recover from the effort while you work. And we would be happy, because finally we can do what we really want! We are not robot and we don’t have endless-energy-battery, but human being and we should start form there.

We have forgotten to ask ourselves the only important question that matter: How much pressure a mind is able to take? Because i am sure that the pressure our brain is supporting right now is over the limit. Once we understand that we should slow down, everything will be fine. It doesn’t make any sense to destroy our mind for just a couple of thousand dollars more: once you are dead, your money will not follow you. I would rater be not so rich but mentally health than rich and spend thousand of dollar in drugs and teraphie.

As long as we have people in power who put money first, we will never change and we will still suffer from very bad issues. We need to vote better and be more active in the community and not acting like sheeps. We should stop to put pressure on someone else’s shoulder, becuse we want more money. It’s time to change and realise that we are all human being, with our limits!


3 thoughts on “Does the world make us mentally sick?”

  1. It’s all about the mindset you keep. Your inner works and mental health dictate the state of your life, your interactions with others, your success and so much more. They are all directly interconnected and must be balanced for one to achieve optimal wellness.

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