Place to visit: U.S.A

If i had the opportunity to travel, and if the pandemic will be over, there would be lot of places i woul like to visit. One of those place is Australia, as i have previously written, but United States would the second country i would spend time to visit! But my trip would be a little bit different from the classic tour one would do.

I would not drive on the route 66, i would not make shopping on Christimas time in New York and i would not spend time in LA just to make a couple of more likes on Instagram. I would visit the cities, maybe, but the most part of my holidays would have one goal: nonsense!

United Stated is famous for other things: food and crazy events!

I am sure that any ohter country is so food-addicted as the United States. Over there it’s everything big, even the food: i don’t even know how they are able to offer so big dishes. For an eurpoean man as myself, even the fast food is not so fast at all. I have never tried myself, but i am convinced that i would need more an hour to eat all i would have in front of you. If i had the opportunity to have a vacation in the US, when i can back the gym is the first place i would go, because 30 pound more, once i come back, is the price i will have to pay. My goal is actually to go to the best fast food in every state and eat like i have never eaten before. However, food is all about breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the rest of the day i would do nothing a normal tourist would do: attending nonsense event. And trust me, there are so many of them that i have spoiled for choice. Don’t you believe me? Oh, you should,

Let’s start from the Demolition derby. How cool it is. The rules is only one: the last car standing wins. And there are a lot of cars and lots of crashes. Simple but very effective. What else could be better than that? Well, the Monster Jam. Are you kidding me? Cars bigger than my house, tyres bigger than a average human being and long jumps. In Europe we have fast cars, but in America they know how to use them to have a wonderful time. Oh, and i almost forgot Robot Wars! I can actually spend all my life just watching those three events live. Destruction, huge sizes and fun. I think that i have already described America in three words.

And i didn’t talk abou the diamonds. Have you ever heard of slap contest or Burping contests? I mean, probably i am stupid, but watching two person pass out after having received the hardest slap of all time and cheering for people standing in front of microphone trying to make the best burp is priceless!

If i had three weeks in the United State, my vacations would be the stupidest vacation one would have! And the most amazing one!

U.S.A. is just dope!


10 thoughts on “Place to visit: U.S.A”

  1. There is no such thing as “best fast food in every state”, fast food is the same from Coast-to-Coast.
    But, it worth visiting Maine for Lobsters, Texas for BBQ, and the best steaks ever; San Francisco for the best crabs (BTW: in San Francisco there are the best restaurants ever! Do you want the best Italian restaurant, go to San Francisco! In Washington DC; you’ll have an array of food from the entire world. And so on.
    I agree that LA can be skipped (add also Las Vegas, Miami, and NY at Xmas); but the USA should be seen for the parks, the wildlife, nature. Then the silliness will come by itself.
    The USA is a very beautiful country.

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    1. Thanks for the cool advices…however, i woul skip everything a “normal” tourist would do, but i would still want to feel the “american soul” anyway! I don’t know if that makes sense…


      1. Tourists go to the obvious. Florida, NYC, LA. Las Vegas.
        The American soul can be found in NYC too. And it is an interesting town. Although so many things are changing now because of COVID.
        Visit Washington DC, instead of Miami; Sonoma and the Silverado trail instead of LA. Go to the Grand Canyon, the Four points, and Nevada instead of Las Vegas. Although you can see the American soul wasting money at the casinos. And not the rich ones believe me.
        It is not so much the places, but your eyes and your capacity for observation.

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  2. Oh wow! The USA is a bit more of a circus than I’d imagined. They don’t always show you this stuff in the movies! When I visit the states I hope to make the most of my time and follow a less touristy path also. I’m a big fan of food but for some reason I’m not too keen on american meals.. I’m sure I’ll find some decent food though. Australia has a great health food/brunch scene whereas the states are quite different. Then there’s the fact that Trump may be president again. I’m not so sure I want to be in a rioting country where things are continuing to get really weird.

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    1. Well, Trump will stay president for only four more years, If he will be elected!
      I don’t think that America is a “circus”: they just have another way too see entertainment. It might look a little bit too big or “weird”, but it’s soooo funny.

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