K-Pop: WHen the Camera goes off…

You probaly already know how i love K-Pop. I’m not a huge and crazy fan, like other people might be, but i enjoy listening this kind of music. It’s just cool and something different from what i use to hear on the radio here in Europe. However, there’s something i would like to share with you.

Is it cool to listen music made by artist who live actually a kind of hell on Earth? Is it ok to give money to an industry that “abuse” of the artisits? Well, i know that sounds pretty stupid, because i spend money to buy K-pop songs myself, but this is a pretty controversial stuff. Probably you don’t care too much about it, but i would like to talk about it anyway.

Let’s start from the 10 rules a K-Pop idol have to follow. In the beginning, i thought there were urban legends, but they are sadly true. Those are prettty hard to follow in a long-term without not having body issues in the future. No friends, controlling over your private life, no dating whatsoever, body weight control are pretty rough stuff to accept. Especially for the female superstar those rules are pretty hard, because they have to keep thier image of “everyone’s girlfriend”…like Britney Spears when she was “Miss America’s dream”. I’m asking why a teenager should start a career in the music business, when they know what they are gonna face. I’m wondering if they know what they are going into… I mean, if one listens to this testimony from Way, former member of “Crayon Pop”, one must have a couple of concerns about it.

Don’t talk about the payment, because i think it’s just ridicolous, but no-stop dance practice sessions between 4 AM until midnight ? Are you kidding me? I’m surpriesed that this young woman is not mentally and physically collapse. I would be destroyed. We are talking of 20 hours of session. I can understand if right before the debut or before a tour one has to work a little bit longer, but so long?? It’s not healthy at all…and the fact that this poor ladies could not live their success with their fans and their lives as young ladies is really bad. It’s sad , because the perofmers are great and they know how to sing, but we are talking about 16, 17 or 18 years old boys and girls.

Even Amber speaks out about that. If you don’t know who amber is, she’s a former member of f(x) a K-pop group with a huge fanbase, not as big as BTS, but still pretty big. She spoke withiut any filter in that video. And she gave us a pretty bad picture of what it looks like to be a female superstar in Seoul. I already knew something about it, but hearing from a famous person as her, well…it’s even more important!

I’m actually sad, because K-pop is great. It really is. People should not have this kind of cenception of music and beauty, because now K-pop is overall and if the women are oversized, i don’t even think nobody would mind. But it is, what it is and i can do nothing about it. Well, yes, i could stop listening K-pop, but would it be ok? Those young boys and girls want to be singer because there are out there people who love that kind of music. If nobody would listen K-Pop anymore, their dreams would be destroyed. One thing is fore sure, it’s a very inhuman condition to work and nobody deserves to live a dream like that!

What do you think?


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