Selena Gomez: Demons behind the Beauty!

Selena Gomez…and just saying her name money will rain above us. From the beginning of her career, she was a money machine, not because she was forced to make money, but because she’s good in what she does: singing and being herself…something not so automatic when you are someone like her.

Imagine to start to work at the age of seven. Now you can say that working on this very young age is illegal…well, not if you are “the star” in a kids show. She was Gianna in “Barney and friends”, a pretty famous kid show back in the ealry 2000s. I have never watched that series, both becausei was too old for something like that and because one had to pay for watching Disney Channel in Italy. This simple, but very effective roles, helped her to make the next step being one the main charachter of the “”Wizards of Waverly Place”, playing the role of Alex Russo.

The more she became a superstar, the higher the pressure should be on her shoulder and at a very young age…13 years-old to be more specific. I, at the age of 13, played with lot of other teenage and i went to school, as a teenage usually does. Her? Well, maybe she was alone, spending most of her time between the adults and with private lessons. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her growing basically too fast. And if being a Teen idol was maybe already stressful, there’s also a couple of thing over Gomez’s shoulders: a music career and a private live too much public.

Now Selena is famous because of her songs and she deserves all the success she’s had and she will have in the future. Now she’s a wonderful solo performers, but at the time she was the face of a group called “Selena Gomez and the Scene” and they performed a lot. She was not only one of the member, but the front woman. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be front man/woman of a group? You will have all the spotlight on you and your performances will be observed just to find something wrong to start a shitstorm against you, because the world works in this way. And, more thatn that, she had to be careful what she said, who she met and how she dressed.

Even an adul supertars have troubles to magane success and what comes with it. Think about how hard might be for a teenager to be a pop-star, a Tv-Star, an icon or even and role-model! Any teenage should not have all this pressure. They are just not ready. And this pressure left a sign on her mind today.

Worst than all of this, is seeing your private life published like it was a sope-opera. And Selena’s life was put on the front page of every single magazine, because back in the day she had the bad luck to fall in love with Justin Bieber, another huge superstars. Sometimes the world has any kind of brain to use, because they have never thought for one little moment that maybe all this attention might not be so cool for just two teenagers who are actually having a classic “teen love-story”. Just let them live their lives. Well, it wasn’t the case, because every day there were thousand of people who talked about that relationship even in Europe. Let me be clear: people on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean talked about a repationship between two people. Am i the only one who thinks that this whole thing is nonsense? Would you find cool if every single person in this planet judged your relatioship? I don’t think so.

Then, the recent story is actually known from everybody: a kidney transplantation, mental disorder and a pretty messed-up situation in her mind overall. Just because the world put on her too much pressure, instead of protecting her since day one. I have no idea how she’s doing and i actually don’t care at all: it’s her life and i’m not her friend (i have never meet her in my life). I just hope that she’s fine and she’s living the best live she can possibly can, like every single human being in the world deserve!

Waiting for her new songs.


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