What if Woman becomes a Man?

If, for a man, changing magically gender is quite problematic, or even a nightmare, the same is not for a woman who, for some magical reason, becomes a man. I am actually pretty sure that for a woman becoming a man would be one of the best thing ever! Let me tell you why!

A woman’s life is never easy. It has never been. Between hair removal, make-up. being observed, judged and criticized everywhere you go and whatever you do and the pain between pregnancy and the period, being a woman is not the most amazing thing in the world. Well, on Instagram a woman can be a superstar, but i think that lot of them would be ready to give up a little bit of success to be basically free. Because if one is a man, one is free.

Let’s start saying body hair. Lot of women has to spend time and money to make sure to have a very smooth and shiny skin. That’s because “women with body hair don’t look so great!” Does the men do the same? No…well, yes they do, but not everyone and not because we have to, but because we want to. That’s a huge difference. It sounds maybe stupid as example, but a woman can’t choose whether to do it or not…well, they can, but life will be miserable.

No more period. That’s probably the thing a woman would give up as quick as possible and, becoming a man, that could be reality. For a woman it’s a very nice feeling not to have any kind of worries of what to wear in this specific week, especially in summer, and any kind of pain whatsoever. The only pain a woman would have in their belly it’s the one if one has eaten too much. Oh, and talking about period: no more worries to have an unwanted pregnancy, because now she will have the “door key” and not the “door lock”.

For once in her life she will have opportunities to shine. Tha’t something unknown for lot of women today. No doors will be closed, no more hard and exhasuting work to achieve something and no more obligation to proove one is good and deserve a shot. No, please, don’t start with the BS that “men and women are equal” because they are not!

Last, but not the least, freedom. Freedom to do whatever they want without any kind of consequence. “Do you wanna be a sex machine?” Please, be my guest; do you want to do something? Just do it!; “do you want to harass a woman?” No problem (well, it must be a problem, but as long a woman doesn’t report anything the crime seems not to exist). The only problem a man has today is just choose what to do in the future…something a woman is not actually 100& able to do, but not due to her, unluckly!

Yes, for a woman would a freaking good moment!


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