I Don’t Know!

Very often, when i talk with people, or when i listen to other people i have the feeling that i miss something. It’s like i am a huge ignorant and i know nothing. For most of my young life i thought that it was my problem. Now, if i had my younger me in front of my face, i would punch him in the nuts.

There’s no problem at all to be ignorant. Wait…that sounds pretty stupid! Let me tell that better: there’s no problem not no know things or being informed about something. Now it sound better. How can you know everything? It’s physically impossible: too much to learn and not enough time. In 24 hours you can’t learn everything humanity knows. How could you? You can’t stop time!

It’s absolutely normal to be ignorant. There are three big problems in being ignorance: accepting the fact we are ignorant, how you learn and the will to learn.

For many of us, admitting that we are ignorant is not eays, because one think, for some reason, that if one is ignorant is also stupid. Stupidity and ignorance are two whole different things. One can be stupid and wise as one can be ignorant ans very intelligent! Being ignorace means only that you don’t know something. It’s up to us to decide what to do with that, because we can remain ignorance or improve our situation.

Embracing the fact that we don’t do everything is crucial to be better. Staying still where we are is not a wise choice. It’s important to move forward and keep going. The problem now is to understand how one wants to move in the path of improvement. We must be curios and see things from every different point of view, even the one that we don’t like or it’s not cool. To comprehend something is very important to have a complete view of something, because half truth are even dangerous than not knowing at all. When i heard people saying “i know a little bit of everything” drive me crazy, because i can only imagine how much confusion in their mind thre must be. Knowing very few of something is like knowing nothing.

The other factor in our journey into the self-improvement is the master we decide to follow. One wrong master and he or she will bring us into the darkness, forcing us to believe in lies, fake news and false facts. You can’t afford to lose time with people who spread falsities, you deserve to be teached by wise people who help you to make very necessary step to make sure to be in the position to finally say “Now i know!”

Last but not the least, the will to learn. The process of learninng required time, effort and lot of energy. It’s not something that doesn’t happen overnight and you need a lot of patience. You wil fail and you will doubt of your ability to learn, because maybe climbing the mountain might be harder than expected, but once reached the very top, the feeling of satisfaction and personaly vicotry will be amazing! The key is never doubt about your ability, keep your head dowm and never stop, thinking that you know enough, because we will never know enough. And never be afraid to ask ans tell if you have doubts, questions or different opinions.

You can easily remain ignorant, it’s your choice and you are free to do it. But why just waste our time doing nothing? nUse it to be a better person, a better human being and, maybe, a teacher for someone else. Who knows!


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