Most Amazing Moments: sunset!

I’m 100% convinced that summer is magic. And i am sure that you think exactly like me. Between sun, blue sky, bikini, mini skirt, happiness and love in the air, those three months are the best months of the year. More specifically, summer is amazing for another reason: the sunsets.

Sunsets are special in summer. I don’t know you, but evertime i see the red sun low on the horizon and the sky with those pink, yellow, orange, red and blue colour perfectly mixed together i’m happy and in peace with myself. When i’m angry, sad or disappointed i just sit, take a drink and just watch the perfection of the nature. It’s weird, because in other seasons sunsets are not so cool. Probably it’s because we have so hot weather the whole day that in the evening we have those kind of break of the hot weather.

I always loved sunset. It is the most romantic and sad moment of the day, because another day is gone, but the sun is saying goodbye offering us one of the best show the nature has to offer. It aslo hepls me to think: this calm and beauty really give me a huge imput to think and find a solution of problems that i have had in the day. They are even more perfect when the sky opens up after a stormy day. The calm after the storm, the cloud are living us, colouring themselves with those amazing colours. I can’t explain how much i love the sunset. It’s a mom who hugs her kid showing him/her an endless love.

Even more beautiful is the sunset on the beach. Those are very cool moments. After a funny, wet, sweaty and very hot day at the beach, the sunset is just the perfect way to end a wonderful day, relaxing with the people you love, drinking something, while the sun kiss you gently with its last moment of “daily life”. You sit on the sand, with your firends or family, maybe around a fire, while the darkness is coming, the hot sun is going to sleep, the calm ocean in front of you, the typical parfum in the air, the cold sand under your bare feet, the sky with its clouds is delivering the best show you can see and your heart if sull of wonderful emotions.

By far the best moment of all will be even better with the person you love next to you. Walking bare feet on the humid seaside taking the hand of the person you love the most, with the best show ever in fron of your eyes, it’s a moment hard to match with any other moments you can live. It’s just perfect. You don’t need to talk, words are useless in those moments! Everything you need to be loved, be happy and peace with yoursel is right there.

I love sunset. I don’t thing that Mother Nature could thing a perfect way to end a day. I’m so connect with the evening that i am actually able to digest the bad day and look forward to the following day with a smile on my face, it doesn’t matter how bad the day was and how bad the following day will be! This moments are only for me and me only! Tomorrow will come.

I love sunset!


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