My First Month as BLOGGER: Holy S**t!

What a first month has been: absolutey stunning, full of ideas, love, comments, appreciation and great results! I could not actually ask more as first month of my blogging career. But let’s start from the very beginning!

In the very beginning there was nothing…only a blog without any kind of contents. Then i started my very post (a welcome post) that had a good appreciation. I actually did not see that coming. However, i didn’t think too much about it, because in a healthy community the new is always appreciated and well welcome. Then i started to post the second, the third post and the fourth one…and every single one of those were liked, allowing me to make my first couple of followers. And most of the post i published had good interactions. Not bat at all!

That was great! I mean, it’s a lovely feeling to be apprectiated! And more importnat since day one i have been creating my little community, with now more than seventy people who follow me and some of them are active on every single post i publish. I would have never thought to have those kind of appreciation in my very first month of blogging. It’s so cool!

When i started i wasn’t sure that bboth my ideas might be good enough and someone wanted really read what i have to say, i was wrong! So many people have left likes, a comment and helped me to see thing differently or given me a reason to be happy and leaving me a smile on my face when i go to bed! There’s nothing better than to see your post receiving a feedback, both a positive or a negative one. If nobody cared what you write, would not make any sense to keep writing, right?

For the next month i don’t expect anything special. If my blog will be loved as much as it was in the first month, i will be very happy! However, if i can improve my statistics it’s even better! But in this you have to help me, continuing to read what i post, follow me and leaving your feedback. Only in this way i can improve, be better and make you happy!

Thank you for everything you have done in the first 30 days of my blog career and see you next month, maybe with even greater news!


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