Vintage: Arcade game!

were you a teenage in the 80s or in the early 90s? Well, probably you know exacly what i am goin to talking about. Before Playstation, XBox, Nintendo and super powerful gaming computer become the only way to play videogames, people had another way (the only one, actually) to play some of the most iconic game in history: The arcade game.

I love arcade games. I really do. I was born in 1992 and in every summer between 1998 and 2002 i used to waste all my parent’s money playing videogames and forge my soul with anger, frustration and disappointment, together with lot of other kids around me, who basically cheered or insulted me (moslty insulted me because i was bad).

I have absolutely nothing but wonderful memories connected with arcade games. I love because they are part of my childhood, because they have made me a man (especially if you play Mortal Kombat at the age of 8 Years Old), they helped me to understand that i love playing videogames and they allowed me to know the importance of money and to manage my anger…especially if you play “Radical Bikers” and you have to spend more that 20 dollards, destroy your hands and half of your brain just to overcome one stupid level.

Now we have the “multiplayer mode”, basically for free and with millions of plaer around the world (but not in the same place), but back in those tremendous days there were ten or fifteen kids screaming like crazy and being passionate involved around a metallic box with a very tiny screen. The amazing feeling, the excitement and the concentration i had just to end the game are something i have never had in my life..I don’t feel those emotions even if I sleep with a woman. It’s incredible to think about it. I was so “nervous” because i have just a limited number of attempt, because i wasn’t the richest kid in the planet, and also because the other kids tried so desperetely to put me away from the arcage game, because they wanted to play as well, and every time i failed i had to be as fast as Usain Bolt in 2008 Olympic Games to put another coin in and play once again.

But which game did we play back then? Oh, what a wonderful question! Can we start with Donkey Kong? This stupid Gorilla helped to make my afternoons miserable. Luckly i don’t have to pay back all my debts with my parents, because i have no idea how much money i literally wasted trying to finish that game. Useless to say that i didn’t finish it…but one day i will…that stupid monkey can’t win against me! Another classic was Mortal Kombat. Well, about that one…at the age of 10 i should not allow to play that game, and it’s probably the reason of my mental instability, but how can you resist to the announce “Fatality, flawless victory!”, after you win in those ways…ways i can’t explain in this family friendly space. If you want to know how can someone wins in Mortla Kombat, just go on Youtube! Or Pacman…this yellow ball has been in my nightmare for weeks. Those devil ghosts are by far the biggest enemy i have ever faced in my “career” as a gamelayer! But how good it was! The adrenaline level that I got playing this game was even higher than during my graduation exam.

Before to write this post, i have forgotten how many days i have spend, especially in summer, with an ice-cream in one hand, with the other hand pushing all the bottons randomly, without knowing what i was doing, and with my heart so much agony. But trust me, they were funny moments…even if it doesn’t sound like that! It’s sad that now arcade games are not as populat as they were back in the day. I feel a little bit sad about ti! But the show must go no!

Happy to have played this those mastepieces!


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