God Bless Science!

I’m just a blogger…so basically i am someone who write his thought about something. I have no ide about biology, architecture, astrophysics or chimic. However would be impossible for me to live without them. Why? Well, science is more importan than you think.

Everything around you comes from science. Think about what you eat. The fruit and vegetables we have on our table come from coltures, created by people who have studied how those kind fruits and vegetables grow naturally and have managed to replicate the process on a large scale.

All the forniture you have in your house come from science. Some curious people have started to analyse the feature of wood, glas, plastc and metal trying to figure it out how to model them into tables, chairs, wardrobes, shelves and all the things we have in our house. Without observing, experiment, data analyse and conclusion we would not have a house to live in. Concret, steel and brick doesn’t magically appear when we need. There are decades of trying, failurers, improvement and millions of dollars of investment.

The same happens with clothes, music, movies, trasnports, fashion and everything you can see around you. All you can see made by a man come fron science…no exeptions. Even our health is “made” my science: we are healthy because of biology and medicine. Thanks to the human body’s study and all the researches of every diseases we are now able to fight and win against illness and people are now able to live so long and healthy like never before. Stupid example: the glasses. We use glasses to help us overcoming the problem we might have with our eyes. I, myself am shortsighted and i need glasses to see properly once again. Without them it would be a problem to see far awya and to drive a car. And now it’s for me possible to see good, because we “have wasted money” in researches.

Science is not useless. It never is. Maybe you can’t understand the usefulness of some research in your daily life, because you might not have that problem or concern, thinking it’s a waste of money, but it’s not. We must be able to understand the world we live in and what’s around our planet. Think about asteroid. Now we can see asteroid, because we have satellites all around our planet that can actually help us to predict the line and the speed of all of them. It’s a huge thing because one of those big stones are able to destroy life here.

And science must be bestowed to as many people as possible. To do that, the school system and teachers are crucial to make sure that we know how the world goes and be live a normal life. Knowing what happens around us is important and without science would not be able to do that!

God bless science who helps me to have a house, clothes, to see properly and have a blog to write my thoughts on. Thank you science!


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