Place to visit: Canada

After United States and Australia there are other more places i would like to go. One of those is the nicest ind kindest country in the world: Canada. And the reason why i would love to visit it it’s a pretty weird one:

Not because i love the country itself (i have never been there and the things i know are very few), but because of Robin Scherbatsky A.k.A. Robin Sparkles. It sounds odd, but it’s actually because of “How i met your mother” that i want to go and visit Canada! In this show Ted, Marshall, Barney and Lily always talk trash against Canada…and i don’t know why! I mean, what’s wrong of being polite, nice and respecting the rules and being respectful? Nothing.

To be honest i would have no idea what to expect from Canada. In my eyes it seems a very clean, nice and cute country, with nice, kind and cute people there. But one thing is for sure: it’s a very unique country. First things first, the fact in Canada people speak two languages, “dividing”the entire population between those who speak English and those who speak French. How cool is that! Probably only in India there are two official languages. It’s absolutely fascinating to see how different cultures and people can find a common path to be united.I have an attraction of thing that I don’t know.

I would visit the country for the landscape basically. So much nature and so much to see in the big cities. There’s a perfect balance between nature and human achitecture that make this country something magic. I’m magnetically attraced by this perfect mix. More than that, As a Formula One fans, I would walk on the street of the Canadian Gran Prix. I did in in Monaco, and in Montreal my feet would walk on this amazing track! After that, i would try the Maple syrup to finally understand how it tastes and why people say so many good thinkg about it. I just get too curious that I want to try personally. Yes, i could buy a bottle of Marple syrup here on Market, but it’s not the same! Last, but not the least, the Niagara’s falls. Yes, I could visit them from the American side, but from the Canadian side is just more romantic. I know that the Niagara’s fall looks the same from both side, but my mind works pretty weirdly. But i know that there so many other places to visit or thing one can see in a so huge territory.

If some from Canada read this article, can you tell me where is the moment to visit your beautiful and lovely country? Could you also tell me those places that are worthy to be visited? It would be appreciated!!

Because the sickest part of me is telling me to visit Canada in Winter, spending maybe the Christmas holidays in Montreal or Ottawa. But the, thinking about it, between the snow, the polar temperature, the shorter days and the ice on the street it might be pretty funny, painful and pretty stupid…especially thinking about the fact that I can’t stand the cold temperature.

However, i am pretty sure that would be absolutely fascinating to know a country i don’t know so much a little bit better.


2 thoughts on “Place to visit: Canada”

  1. If you’re willing to put up with the cold, I think Christmas holidays in Ottawa or Montreal would be nice. Carnaval in Quebec City sounds really cool, and there’s an ice hotel that they create each winter (although I think it’s pretty expensive).

    I live on the west coast in Vancouver. Winter is rainy and yucky here, but summer is great for outdoor activities.

    Canada is mostly English-speaking except for the province of Quebec. In Ottawa and Montreal a lot of people are bilingual.

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