Chiara Ferragni: The Goddes of Internet!

I am sure that maybe non of you have an idea who Chiara Ferragni is, and if you have, probably you will hate her. And i actually have no idea why! But let me explain to all of you why Miss Ferragni is an example to follow.

She’s a former blogger. Yes, i’m not kidding! Way, way, way, back in the day, 2009 i guess, she created “The Blonde Salad”, a blog where she wrote basically of Fashion and she posted outfits. But this is not about the blog i want to talk about. What’s important is to see what she’s become: one of the most important personalities in fashion and a successfull businesswoman.

Describing her as only a living billboard it’s not completely correct (i mean…technically she is), because it’s more than just a woman who makes money using her image to promote brands: she owns her own collection the “Chiara Ferragni Collection“, the blog “The Blonde Salad” is still working and she has contracts with tenths of even hundreds huge international fashion brands. She’s a very important point of reference in Italy, but worldwide basically! And it’s all started with a post on a blog, like mine…with the only difference that i don’t have 20 millions followers counting only Instagram.

Yes, She’s also an influencer. I think that she uses Instagram as much as i use m headphone (and i have my headphone 24/7 on my ears). I follow her, not because i like what she posts (i don’t use make-up or sexy mini-skirts), honestly i don’t care of them too much, but as a reminder that the success is behind the corner…the only problem is that i have no idea which corner! Chiara, i don’t think you will ever read this, but if you do, can you tell me the corner where you find the success? I would be appreaciated! However on her Instagram profile, you can actually scroll down all the posts just to see how many brand she’s working with and how important they are. It’s a pretty insane number…i didn’t count them, becuse i can count only until three, but i see a lot of post, so it should mean something! As i sais prevoiusly, people can say that she’s a living billboard…and the are maybe right, but it’s not as simple as that!

Before to hire a “celebrity” to become the face of their fashion campaigns, brands make a huge market analyse before to even start to talk about money with someone. And Chiara Ferragni is great to create her personal public image as a smart woman (and she’s smart), a talented blogger and influencer and also a woman who knows how to let her business grow. Now she pays people who work for her full-time, because her business has just become big, bigger than we think and maybe even know. As she said in an interview, “The Blonde Salad is no longer a blog, but an inspirational platform”, which means that it’s becoming more that just a place to publish post about fashion. If you have no idea what’s an inspirational platform is let me explain you

The best place to start is by sharing inspirational content posts that feature real people using or engaging in activities related to your products and brand. This not only makes your brand authentic, it also celebrates the message, values, and vision behind your brand.

“The Blonde Salad” is basically a company with its own product and values! Pretty freaking amazing thing if you think about it: froma free space to a big fashion company! She’s started from nothing, she climbed the mountain to the very top! She haven’t stolen anything and what she has now it’s the results of more than a decade of hard work and dedication!

Brava Chiara!


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