Evil’s Food: Chocolate!

Black, tasty, it can have different size, shades and everyone loves it! If i hadn’t written in the title what i was talking about, people would have thought something wrong…at least wrong for this christian blog! Chocolate is amazing, no matter what! But why? Here my ideas!

Because it’s chocolate! I mean, what else do you need to waste all your money to gain weight, became obese and be happy doing it? C’mon, don’t be shy! I know that if you had the opportunity, you would buy tons of chocolate! I personally would, but unluckly i have to waste my money paying both the bills and my survive in this world! This is not fair at all!

The world can’t force me to decide between my happiness and my life! I want to become a sumo fighter without any kind of problem of losing my house! Is it too much to ask? Yes, apparently, because i have to give up my dream of having the worst case of diabetes, caries and obesity the world has never seen, because this world wants from me my money to pay my loan if i want to continue to wake up with a roof over my head! I think often about the opportunity to leave my house and destroy my body happily, but it’s not logistically a wise choice: in summer the chocolate mets too fast and in winter i don’t want to freeze by buttocks.

Do you think it’s probably too much? Maybe, but we agree on one thing: chocolate is deathly delicious! As for the wine, beer and coffee, there are too much variation that one could spend an entire life, searching and trying all the different tastes in this world…even if i don’t think it’s an healthy thing to do: the probability to become a sumo fighter are pretty high…and this time i am not joking! There are too much producers, too much brands and too much sugar involved. Now i know why most of the “chocolate expert” are bigger than a human being should be. However, being payed for tasting chocolate is a great way to make money…just behind the mattress tester…that it’s the perfect way to make money (i mean, paying for sleep, seriously?)!

Apart from the jokes, chocolate is one of the most eaten product in the world, no question about it! As i said previously, too much variation that almost every contry or even every city has its own kind of chocolate. The most fascinating thing is that you can create different tastes combining the chocolate with other ingredient, like milk, nuts, chili or caramel, for example! And even the chocolate itself has different charateristic, based on the location of the cacao plantation, that maked every bean different, with different texture and flavour. It’s so a huge business that people have written books to explain how to eat chocolate (for real), the history behind it and to describe all the sorts available in this planet. People are making huge amount of money in a huge market:

The global chocolate market is forecasted to reach USD 139.94 billion by 2024 growing at a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period (2019 – 2024).

Chocolate Market- Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2020 – 2025)

Think about it: The chocolate market is based on people who are happy to buy food, knowing that they will get fat! And those buyers, included myself, will never stop doing it! It’s perfect! Now, i think you know why i have called chocolate an “evil food”, right?

God Bless chocolate!


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