Mindblowing Obvious Facts #1

Listen, i am stupid! And this is a fact! But i’m proud to be stupid…at least i can do things a smart person would not do. And this post is a perfect example. Have you ever thought about obvious fact, which are not so obvious after all? Well, i do! And this is the result of my madness!

Obvious Funny Fact #1: It you are awake, you are not asleep! It’s obvious, right? Well, not. How many times we have the eyes open, but our brain is still sleeping like a little baby? It happens to me every single day. When i have breakfat people talk to me, but i have no idea what they want. Why do they have to talk? Just shut up! I have just woken up, do you really want to start to annoy me? I need a couple of hours, and a liter of coffee, to wake up properly. In the meantime, leave me alone!

Obvious Funny Fact #2: It you are moving, you are not staying still! This is pretty interesting. Either you move or you stay where you are. You can’t do both. I mean, it would be awesome to move without moving, but we can’t. I have just one question: what’s better? Moving or not moving? Because if you move everything change, if you don’t nothing change. What’s scarier? The immobility or the changes? Too much question and too less space here!

Obvious Funny Fact #3: If you turn right, you are not turning left! If i think about all the time i fastasied about it, i can write a trilogy. I’m always fascinated of thinking about what would have happened if i would have done something else. Maybe if i would have turned left my life would have been full of success or full of failures. I will never know. Sometimes i wish to have the ability to split myself in two, so i can actually go right ot left and than choose the better life!

Obvious Funny Fact #4: If you are alone, you are not with someone! Are you sure about that? When you are alone , you are alone. It might be bad in the beginning, but one can use to it. The very problem is when we are alone with people around us. This is very, very, very sad! I would rather be alone and with anybody around me than alone with a full of people around, Nobody deserves to feel loneliness together with other people.

Obvious Funny Fact #5: If you are blind, you don’t see! Well, it depends if you are blind because you are medically declaired so or you pretend to be blind. In the first case, you are not able to see, but if you can see and you don’t want to see, well…this is very bad! We are used to see thing we want and not see thing we don’t want to. If we started to see thigs we don’t want to see, it would be a huge step in the direction of huge improvement.

Do you have any other Obvious funny facts? Please let me know in the comment below!!


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