Animals: A Panda’s Life

Panda in my opinion are the cutest creature in the entire world. I mean, they are the definition of cuteness and the smaller they are, the cuter they look. My heart just melt looking those lovely, cute and amazing creture. I just wanna be a panda! Let me explain you why!

Let’s start from the bad news: pandas are prisoners and, more than that, they risk to disappear forever from this world. There’s a reason why the WWF took pandas as a symbol of preservation and protection. Mostly of them are in zoos and those who are still free are protected by heroes who do everything they can to protect panda’s habitat and those amazing creature from deforestation and poaching.

I think that it’s a sad and funny things at the same times: humans tries to kill panda and the same humans forces them to live in captivity to protect them from those bad human. Do you think that it’s a smart thing to do? We should just stop to destroy their homes, instead of locked them in cells forever!

Apart from that, Pandas are very, very, very cute! They don’t do so much in their days: they wake-up, eat, sleep and eat, sleep and eat, sleep, eat and at the end sleep. Just a wonderful life. I want to be a panda. Trust me! And i would have any kind of problem to adapt of that life, because i would live like that…if i had not to work. More than that, everyone woud love me, something that’s not happening right now, i would be protected like i was one of the most precious treasure ever and if i had sex the woman will raise kids alone, keeping me away from any kind of responsability. I mean, if you are a man, this would be a dream come true!

The most amazing part is that i don’t have to think about my body shape. I don’t have to go to the gym or do some fitness to be a very good-looking guy. Absolutely not! The bigger i am, the cuter i look. In this life, the more i eat, the worse i look. How could it be to be able to eat kilos and kilos of Bamboo and still be loved by everyone. I mean, nobody hates pandas! Who would hate a creature who is born to be cute? Even the darkest soul will find a light watching the cuteness of a little baby panda rolling and find someone to hug!

Listen, apart from the fact that i could live as a “prisoner”, but being a panda is amazing: i have food, i can do whatever i want, i can become fat and i will be still loved! It’s everyone’s dream!


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