Evil’s Food: chili pepper

This is evil’s food for real! Chili peppers are that kind of vegetable that humanity should have never discovered as eatable. I mean, are you serious? How can you find spicy food tasty? Because you are not menttally stable, my dear friends! Lte me tell you why!

I am of the opinion that Chili Perrers are made by Mother Nature just to torture our mind and butt. There’s no other explanation. If she loves us too much, why should our planet create something that hurts us? Because Mother nature is a sadistic entity, hidden behind the image of a lovely and prottective mother…or because she already knew that we would have hurt her in every possible way, so she thought the perfect tool for the revenge. It doesn’t seems to work on the entire humanity, but it works perfectly on me! Can someone explain me why?

I hate spicy food. I just can’t smell the smell of death of a Ghost Chili without risking to pass out. I stand the spicy food as a vegans stand the view and a smell of a grilled beef steak. I just can’t even watch a Chili without starting to sweat and feel nervous, knowing exactly what comes next. Even my butt comes to alive all of a sudden and start to sweat, because it knows what might happen if my mind force me to eat super spicy food…because in the very beginning the throath will hurt, but the biggest price will be paid by my butt, maybe for days! And i have no pleasure and will to suffer in my bathroom, burning my toilet sit! I just don’t want to!

But, apparently, humanity around me loves hot food more than itself. Between Chili itself, hot wings and hot sauses, people around me have a huge desire to suffer and feel pain. And the most amazing part of this madness is that everyone looks so happy! How can you be so happy when you feel fire inside you, even your brain starts to hurt and your eyes start to cry and they want stop? Are you preparing yourself from the enternal torture in hell? If it’s so, everything would have so much more sense…

The worst part of the whole “chili thing” is that there are too much kind of it, with different deathly potencial. So, basically, Mother Nature is telling us that you can decide between suffer, suffer a lot, suffer too much and passed out. There’s no way out whit Chili, because there’s no kind of those evil vegetable that doesn’t hurt…because all of them hurt! No exeptions. For that reason i think that Trump had a great idea to build the wall between USA and Mexico…Chili should not pass! People do, but not chili! Chili should be banned!

Please, help me to erase this plague from the world! Say no to CHILI PEPPERS! We have to say the world from the madness!


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