Fashion: The Elegant High Heels!

High heels are elegant. I want to say more: women with high hells are sexy! I don’t know, but those shoes have that something more that it’s hard to explain! But why are they so loved? Let’s see!

Little disclaimer: i will write this post with men’s eyes. Since i am not a woman, i have no idea how it feels to wear those shoes. If you, wonderful ladies, would want to tell me your experience with those kind of shoes, just fell free to leave a comment!

High hells are the equivalent of the Michael Jordan’s “The Shot” or of a Ferrari: beautiful and unique. They are an absolutely beauty to see on a woman with very, very long and athletic legs. High heels are nothing special, just a pair of shoes with heels of different height, but a woman with this kind of shoes on is a lively vision. No matter if she is tall or small, blonde or brunette, white or black, european or asias: she will look always amazing!

Probably it’s only me, but a woman with a mini skirt and sport shoes look in one way, maybe pretty but not stunning; just let her put high hells on, and the same woman will be as tremendous as an angel! Now that i think about it, there’s a reason why in the adult industry every woman wear high heels…and maybe it’s the reason why every man find sexy a woman with this kind of shoes…

After this few phrases, it’s pretty clear that men love high heels and we all know that! But i am wondering why women love them. Listen, i am not a woman myself, but i have a sister and i tried a pair of higs heels at home once. Yes, you can call me “gay” as much as you want, but at least i tried to understand what a woman feels to waer those evil tool…because they are evil! How can a woman put willingly and happily those instrument of torture? I used high heels for ten minutes and my back hurts, my feet hurts and my legs were weaks. Can you explain me why do you, my dear women, decide to spend an entire day with those nightmare on your feet? I can’t just comprehend.

Probably i know the answers…it’s because you love to hurt yourself, finding some king of sadistic pleasure doing it, or you are all demons and high heels are just a pair of thing to put on your feet (that would explain lot of weird behaviours i see from lot of women). If you are not demons and you don’t like wearing them, now tell me why every woman has at least a pair of high heels at home? I don’t get it. I don’t like something, i don’t buy it!

Luckly for me, as a man, that women decide to hurt their body to make us happy! At least our eyes sees something angelic!


4 thoughts on “Fashion: The Elegant High Heels!”

  1. Not all heels hurt. It depends how tall and how wide the heel is, and how thick the sole of the shoe is. I remember someone once told me that the louder you shoes are when you walk in them, the more people know they should take you seriously.

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  2. Hahaha. I agree with the previous commenter. Not all high heels hurt. Unless you’re wearing stilettos, you should be fine. I love a good wedge heel or chunky heel for a dressier outfit. I never wear the super tall, super thin heels as I don’t fancy breaking my angle! Most people don’t wear heels all that often though so it’s alright.

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