What’s democracy?

Are we sure that we deserve democrazy? Maybe some authoritarian government around the world are not so wrong to do what they do after all…i mean, if we have to waste our democrazy to show our stupidity, better be controlled by a dictator who limited our freedoms. Don’t you think?

Look in the entire Europe and America. Wherever there’s democrazy there are also stupid people in the spotlight. I don’t like stupidity and i just don’t understand why someone should be happy and proud to be stupid and show it. Can someone explain me the reason behind it? More interesting are those who follow the stupid….seriously? Why someone should help a stupid to be in the front line? It doesn’t make any sense!

Democrazy is a wonderful things, don’t get me wrong! Between the freedom of speech, association, travel and expression we are actually free to define who we are. If Democrazy is used correctly, this is the only way a community can live in peace and harmony. I’m absolutely convinced of that. However, Democrazy can be a weapon, a very dangerous weapon. Fascism is born in a democrazy: Mussolini start to express his thoughts in a still young democratis country, people started to follow him and then fascism was born. The same happened with Nazism: in Germany Hitler professed his ideas and was even voted in democratic election for those mad ideas.

Democrazy is amayzing, but people must learn how to use it. In this case, teachers and family has to learn to the kids, the future generation, how democrazy really works. We have to teach them that the majority always wins, that there’s always a way to find an agreement with the other side of the problem, that you can’t force someone to think like you and we have to help the other to explain them why they are wrong, when they are wrong! It’s not an easy thing to do. One requires patience, knowledge, will to learn and improve. Without them, there’s no discussion, personal growth, change of information and thoughts. There’s just no democrazy.

Democrazy is not only the right to vote and tell what you want. Well…not only. It’s also the ability to live with other people in peacefully and in harmony. If you think that you are better that someone else and you force the “weak people” to live as you want, you don’t deserve to be in a democratic community, because democrazy means acceptance of different people: no matter if they have different colour, they have physical and mental problem or if they are women. In a democrazy we are all equal, with the same rights and duties! If you try to take from the other their duties and right, you don’t deserve to live with the other!

And i am worried that the path humanity is choosing is not exactly a democratic one. Don’t you think? We are still in time to come back where we suppose to live: in freedom, peace and in the respect with the others!

Sorry for this little thought!


2 thoughts on “What’s democracy?”

  1. I think it’s important to have checks and balances in place to help make sure governments are making decisions based on what’s right for the people rather than what’s best for the political party.

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    1. Well…what you just said could be done even by a dictator! Democrazy, in my opinion, is not just make what the people wants and help the community, but protect their freedoms, right and duties. More than that democrazy must create a place where knowledge and opinions flows from person to person without any kind of impediment.

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