In the part of the world i live, winter are pretty cold…well, maybe too cold! It’s for me a huge drag, because i don’t like cold temeperature too much, but with winter comes also Christmas, so i have a wonderful reason to be happy for. However, there also another reason to be happy: the snowdays, by far the most amazin days in the years!

Yes, below zero is paiful for me, but what can i say? I just can’t resist to go outside and play snowballs with some friends and build the most horrible smowman of all time! My “little me” inside my head wakes up all of a sudden and take control of my body…and it’s a wonderful moment! With the snow everyone of us turns into an happy kid.

What i love the most of snowy days is the feeling of joy, peace and quite you can feel while the snow falls.

It’s a moment of joy, because the snow it’s a pretty rare event in Europe and because of hotter winter every single year, the opportunity to see snow falling from the sky are every year fewer. Actually, where i leave doesn’t snow properly since 2014…stupid global warming! Some days it happens that some snowflakes fell, but nothing to remember or to be happy for. However, when i still lived in Milan, in every single winter there was at least a week where 40 or 50 centimetres snow fell and it was a great moment, because school were closed due to safety (at least for that day where it snowed) and i was able to spend all my day playing a “snow war” with all my friend. I froze, i get wet (a lot), i caught the cold, with my mum pretty upset about that, but when i came back home i was the happiest kid in the world!

It’s a time of peace … and nothing can be said about it. When it rains hard enough, it can be frightening, because it’s noisy, it’s not a nice moment at all and it can cause pretty huge damage. Don’t get me wrong, i love rainy days, but sometimes the storm can be pretty awful! Snow doesn’t do anything like that! The snow falls from the sky slowly and gently, it lies very slowly and adorable on the ground and colors everything it touches white … a perfect and wonderful white! Sometimes nature is absolutely the best artist we will ever see! Once the snow has stopped, every single surface is white, every sharp edge becomes rounder and everything seems to come out of a fairytale.

And, most important, it’s a moment of quite! Have you ever seen the sun rising up on a white landscape? Well, it’s breathtaking. If you try to think about the definition of quite and perfection, i think that those moment are pretty close to be defined perfects: nobody is around, because it’s too cold, it’s white all around you and the sunrise (or the sunset, it’s pretty the same) with all its colour that paints everything with magic and beauty. The quite i feel in my sould in this moments is pretty hard to describe. One has to live it on the skin just to understand how cool those moments really are!

I don’t know, but everythime i talk about snow, i become a kid and all this amazig feeling come to the surface, making me a happy person. Is it happen to you as well?


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