Vintage #3: The phone Booth

Now between Smartphone like iPhone, Samsung, Sony, LG and Google we have everything in the palm of our hand. We can call, we can surf in internet and we are constantly in conctat with people through social media. Today, we are reachable 24/7. But what happened before all of that?

Before of the “rise of Smartphones” for our parents, especially our moms, where impossible both to know where we were every second and text us a message to force us to come back home. How could she? She could! The only thing she could do was hope that we came back home safely or, if we were near to our homes, she could scream our name out loud, making us look like fools, forcing us to come back home.

Well, to be honest, it’s not 100% true what i just said. We, young kinds in the late 80s and early 90s, could actually call home (i never done that in my life), but we had the opportunity to tell our moms that we were still alive, forgetting to mention the huge wound on your face, arm and leg after a very nasty tackle playing soccer. How could we call home without a smartphone? Well, with the impossible to found phone booth!

Let me tell you something: i always hated phone booths. Now, i see the “beauty” and the fascinating side, because i am an old soul in a young body, but at the time i really hated them. First thing first, they were not free at all…if you wanted to call, you should ask for a loan first. I am sure that if i hadn’t called my mom that afternoon of 20 years ago, now i could afford a Ferrari and a ten-thousand-square-feet mansion! One has to have always coins, just in case you had to call for a reason. Do you have any idea how heavy can be a purse with ten dollars in dime pieces? I mean…in the sack we already had the ball and the audiocassette: i was a kid not a boulder conveyor. And, of course, if you called on the other side our moms were worried, because if we called they thought that something bad happened…c’mon, chill out mom!

Just to make thing even harder, those stupid public phones were not so well distributed in the city. For example, in my city we had only one phone booth…and often it didn’t work at all! Luckly for me that nothing bad happened, but it sucks if you need a phone and you can find any. And they were often in a very bad condition, dirty and not so often cleaned. Luckly that we didn’t have any pandemic going on!

In the pop culture phone booths are almost everywhere: the Tv Show “Doctor Who”, the Movie “Bill and Ted” and the beginning of “Ocean’s Eleven” are three perfect example where phone booth are used in movies. Now they are dead, but back in the day they were actually something usual in our daily life.

Trust me, if u had to choose, i would not want to go back it those stupid boxes! it’s better now! First, those boxes were actually useless for me and now, if i have a problem i have a phone always with me! Sometimes old doesn’t mean necessarely that it’s good!


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