Fashion: The Evergreen Sunglasses!

Sunglasses have the magical power to turn everything in something cool! Literally everything. I am sure that if a monkey would dress sunglasses, it would look awesome! I don’t know how, but there’s a huge difference when you have sunglasses on and when not. How is it even possible?

It’s fascinating how sunglasees can change how we see someone and even ourselves. Think about a person with a black suit, black tie, black shoes and a white shirt. Now, without black sunglasses, this person will look like a normal human being, but as soon as this person wear the black sunglasses, he or she turn into a secret agent or even an MIB agent. Am i the only one who have this feeling?

I am sure that that it’s about movies that i have this crazy thoughts in mind. I mean, between Agent J and K in “Man in Black I and II” (there are ONLY TWO MIB movies), Jarod and Ms. Parker in “The Pretender”, all the main character in “Matrix” (like Agent Smith, Neo, Morpheus and Trinity), The Rock during the “Attitude Era” in WWE and the Lt. Horatio Caine in “CSI Miami” (nobody wears sunglasses better than him, by the way), sunglasses were and still are pretty everywhere! No surprise that everyone wants them so badly.

If you have never noticed, with sunglasses you look elegant…at least more elegant than usual! Probably it’s only me, but when i wear sunglasses, and i watch myself in the mirror, i have the feeling to look like a “VIP”…if you know what i mean! I just love them, Technically, someone could walk naked on the street, wearing sunglasses, and still looking good and credible! I don’t even think that people would be uspet about the fact that this person is naked. Yes, the police will arrest you pretty soon, because it’s against tge law (pretty say, if you ask me) but it’s kinda crazy if you think about it. You can wear whatever you want, but sunglasses put your image into another level. More than that, you can look like a pervert, when you slide them a little bit down your nose, showing that stupid look on your face, when you see someone hot!

But where they come from? Well, i leave you a little bit of History here! But, thinking the the most “american thing” was created in China in the 12th Century makes me laugh!

I have to tell you: from the 12th Century until today, we have made pretty awesome steps forward. Now there are different colour, different shapes, different prices and different brands and they all look incredible. Sometimes i have very hard time to choose the right one. However, the best sunglasses are by far the “Ray-Ban”, bot the old ad the new ones. I don’t know if it’s because Top-Gun, but Tom Cruise force my brain to think that i want those sunglasse very bad! Well, there are other brands, of course, but the american ones are the best! The first picture i have in mind when i think of sunglasses are the “old-school Ray-Ban”.

And you, how many sunglasses do you have?


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