My Life as Immigrant #2: The Welcome!

As I already told here, I am an italian guy who lives in Germany. Despite the fact that I am thankful for the opportunity Germany gave me to live here and start a new life, there are, however, things that for me, an immigrant, were not so easy to deal with in the beginning. One of those things was the first impact. It was weird, terrifying and awful!

Every country in this world is a universe with its rules which control it. No matter if this country is inside a bigger community, like United Stated or the European Union, there will also be local rules and mentality that must be respected and learnt. That was a big problem. As italian it was quite problematic to figure it out how to live in Germany. For the first time, I felt like a kid who should learn everything from the very beginning.

Everything was different. Non of the thing i learnt in Italy were useful in Germany. The way people talk, live, work and think were completely different from the way i used to. It was a nightmare. It’s an horrible feeling when you have no idea what to do and nobody around you can’t help you, because they actually can’t. Luckly my sister (my guardian angel) was there to support me in my first steps in a new universe…a universe i knew absolutely nothing about.

I visited many parts of the Germany in the past, before to move definetely, and it was funny in that moments, because i was a tourist: once my two or three weeks were gone, i came back home, where i knew everything i needed to know. When i moved to Germany was a one-way journey, i knew that before, but one thing is just imagine in your mind what might happen, another thing was actually live it and deal with all those daily problem one can have in the first days, weeks and months. There are people who still have no idea what to do, even if they live in the new city for years!

One of the most “scariest” thing was the public transport. In Milan ther are public transport, but they are not so developed as they suppose to be. In Berlin, where i live, the public trasport is five time bigger: between the subway, trains, busses, trams you can actually move into Berlin without even using a car. I’m not joking: the first time i see the public trasport’s map i was like “seriously?” One if “forced” to use the subway, because there’s no parking places in Berlin. I wasn’t used to take the public transport before, because in Italy we drive cars even to go to the toilet, if we could!

I had to learn again how one lives here and it wasn’t easy at all, because people didn’t know me and my needs: i didn’t know the language in the beginning and it was impossible to communicate what i needed. Trust me, if you need something and you don’t know how to explain yourself it’s awful, because you feel powerless and with no way out!

Now it’s way much better. After seven years, i am in the position to say that i know Germany and how it works, i know where to go if i need something and what to do in my daily life! Now, i think that if i came back in Italy, i would have no idea what to do! It’s funny to think about it!

Finally i can say that i am home…maybe!


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