Place to visit: Japan

I have no idea where to start with this post actually! Between all the things to visit in Japan, i can actually start now and end up tomorrow. However, i try my best to explain you why Japan is a fabolous country to visit.

In my previous posts i talke why Australia and United States are place to visit and leave your heart there, but with Japan is not only a travel in another country, but it’s a jump into another dimension: a completely different way to live, think and approach with the others.

First thing first, i would travel in Japan to see how nice japanese really are. I live in Europe and here the concept of “being nice” is not so common…i have to say that it’s barely known. Can you imagine how this world might be if we would be as nice as japanese? Oh, since i have never bee there, i’m just talking about the japanese kindness based my thought of what i can see and read. I don’t know if the “kindness” in Japan is a real thing, but i would be so happy to find it out by myself. Together with kindness there is the efficiency i want to “test”. It seems that in Japan everything work perfectly with any kind of trouble. Is it really so? I mean, how could it be possible that EVERYTHING work perfectly, even in a huge city like Tokyo? I’m pretty skeptic, but it’s a good reason to go there and check with my own eyes.

Technology is another thing i would want to discover. Between Sony and Nintendo, Japanese knows how to make great games and consoles. More than that, in Japan comes out often new technologies and innovation that often i look with my eyes wide open not believing what i am seeing. Oh, since i am a huge MotoGP fans, the Honda Museum is one of those places i have to visit, no matter how. I can’t go in Japan without visiting the museum of one of the most successful motorcycles company in the history. I am sure that i will come inside with two legs, i will leave the museum with three legs and a huge smile on my face! That museum must be better than sex! Oh, talking about sex…

Manga. I’m not a huge fans of Japanese Manga or Anime, but i know a couple of them: between One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, Boruto, Death Note, Dragonball, Digimon, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wings and Saint Seiya there are pretty much japanese images in my mind. Why am i telling you that? well, in Japan there are “action Fugure” of some charaters that in Europe are not sold. I want them! No matter if i had to ask for a loan or sell one of my eyes, i want them! Ah, and talking about sex, i would ask why, in all the animes, women have those bodies and they are not so much dressed…no problem for me as a man, but i am just curios!

There’s another thing i would do: know the culture. Japan has a thousand-years-long History full of great moment and buildings. I want to see all of them! Every building for me would be something new to know and see! I think there’s no other country full of historical moment like Japan!

To be honest, food is something that scares me a lot, because i am not a Japanese food fans. Absolutely not! I’m not a fans of raw fish and steamed food. People are crazy for this kind of food, but i would not fly over Asia for several hours just to try some sushi, sashimi or other dishes. More than that, i would have no idea how to eat with sticks. If i tried to eat like lot of asian do, i would look like an idiot! There’s a high risk that i can come back in Europe starving. But it would be a little price to know one of them best and most fascinating country in the world!

So, Japanese minister of tourism..i’m here! If you want, i’m free!


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