2020 Year Review!

I’m back…i know that nobody cares, but for those who care, i’m back after few weeks out from my blogging career. This 2020 will be remembered…i have no doubt about it! Just few days and this year will be only history!

This 2020 will be rememberd for too much reasons. I don’t even know where to start! Oh, let start with the obvious: The pandemic!

This year has tought us something: we spend trillion of dollar every year to invent, develop and test new weapons and new funny way to kill us when one little, tiny and invisible living being can destroy us…everywhere and everyone. The Covid pandemic is bad, we are agree on that, but it may be also a way to think, reflect and learn what doesn’t work (a lot) and what to improve (even more). Maybe we can use this 2020 as a start to fix things we have never wanted to fix for thousand of reasons.

Meanwhile the the Covid was doing its job (making us suffering like crazy), something else is happened: George Floiyd died. Probably the name doesn’t say you anything, but what happened after that was abbsolutely insane: millions of black people across America have started to speak as one. For the first time, black people were united like never before against all the violence and disequality they lived and are still living today. I am only sad that one innocent person had to die to help people to start to fight.

Oh, the Us election campaign, the election day and the weeks after are something we will remember from this 2020. I am in this world since 1992 and i lived in Italy for 21 years…so, i know how a funny election campaign look like. But what happened in the USA was terrible…almost hard to watch. How can the president of the United State be so stupid and out of this world? There would be too much to say, but i am too lateto talk about it, but one thing i would want to tell: being an ameican during this 2020 has been horrible! I just hope that the US can come back stronger than ever…nobody deserve to be treated like that!

Last, but not least, i just want to say something. This year has been a punch in the face, i get that, but theres something to be “happy” for: finally people have taken out the masks they usually wore. It was a year where people’ brains have been tested and the weakest one have finally shown their very own quality…if e can call them quality! I am happy that a bad year like that happened..at least now i know exactly how ignorant, stupid and selfish humanity can be.

I just hope that 2021 will not be as unique as 2020 was…because it would be a little bit too much to handle.

So, people, i take the opportunity to wish you a wonderful Christmas time and see you…maybe!

With Love


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