New Years Resolutions for 2021!

2021 must be the year of something new…at least i hope so, because 2020 for lots of us has been a disaster. Now, every year we think about our “resolutions”, and we do always nothing to make them reality, but for next year we should probably do something to achieve what we want, because one invisible thing and our time on Earth is over. In the past i have never had the need to make a resolution, but for 2021 i really think to need it! So, let’s get started!

My first resolution is staying healthy. 2020 prooved that we are fragile and one virus, we are not able to cure, is able to make this kind of mess. So, more than money and fame, our health must have an important space in our minds…and in the government’s agendas as well!

Then i would have more sex. I know, that sound pretty nonsense, but 2020 was a disaster for singles. Between social distancing, masks and lockdowns having some good sex was basically impossible. Yes, some chatting once in a while, but it’s not the same. So, for 2021 i hope to have much more activity in my bedroon than 2020..and i am sure i am not the only one thinking like that.

Keeping my job is another resolution. Around the world hundreds of thoudands or even millions of people have lost their jobs and everything they had beecause they could not pay the bills. The picture of entire families living on the street or in the cars were scarier than the cimitery full of death body. I don’t want to end up like that. I will try to keep my job as hard as i can. 2020 prooved us both that money are the only things that matter in this society and the State has no mercy for those in trouble.

Last resolution is winning the lottery. Yes, probably is not an actual resolution, but i really hope to win. I know that i have just writter to try to keep my job as hard as i can, but it’s a plan B. Plan A is actually to win the lottery, quit the job and get back the time i don’t have right now. Becoming rich is the way for me to start a new life and do thing i could not be able to do, like helping full time my community, fulfill my dream and be happy for real!

I’m sure that for lots of us 2021 will be a crucial year for many reasons. Now, what are your new year’s resolutions? Let me know!


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