2021: What to Expect!

Finally, 2020 is gone and 2021 is here! Now that that nightmare called 2020 is in the past, it’s time to focus to the 2021. What this year might be? How good can really be? What to expect from it?

It’s pretty hard to say. Covid-19 will still sadly be THE TOPIC for at least the first hasl of the year. The vaccine is here and people are starting to get mad because they are not getting thier dose s fast as they have imagined. Yes, it’s something bad but to be honest it’s better to have this kind of problem instead of being powerless watching the numbers get bigger and bigger. Yes, we re approaching the end of the tunnel, but there’s still some way to go. So, be patient, follow the rules, protect yourself and the other and just wait until the end.

But then? I mean, in 2021, if everthing goes as planned, the pncemic must become a memory and a huge page in our history. Then, what’s next? I have the horrible feeling that we are too focus on the present and we are not making planes for the future. I know that it’s pretty hard to do that, but now the situation is not as horrible as for six months, for example. People are sstill getting sick and they die every day, but now the cure is here. I think that now it’s time to start to think the next move.

So, how this year might be? Well, i’m pretty sure that 2021 will be the year of the rebirth. It has to be. I mean, we have slow down our lives, postponed planes and projects and start to be more protective and conscius. It was necessary to survive first because it was very dangerous and second because we didn’t have any kind of weapon against the virus. Now the situation is slightly different. I think that it’s time to start again where we have stopped. I’m not saying that now we have to act as nothing is happening right now, but we have to think that this pandemich will be probably in 2021 over. I’m my opinion is better to be ready when the day of freedom will come. 2021 will be a year of rebirth and the very huge opportunity to plan the 2022 in the best possible way.

In my opinion, 2021 will be a here full of hopes and new ideas. we have to be a little more patient and be strong for a little while, but when it will be over, it’s gonna be a huge year.

Personally, my 2021 migth be pretty awesome. I decided to come back in my blogging journey, maybe two/three times a week, and i have a couple of new years resolution i want to fulfill. We’ll see if at the end of 2021 i will have done what i had in mind.

How about you? what do ou think this 2021 might be?

With Love


One thought on “2021: What to Expect!”

  1. Happy New Year! I am hopeful that maybe we will see some signs of normality this year…it won’t happen until maybe the summer or even the end of 2021 and in the meantime we continue as is the new normal. At least this time, we have adapted to working and living around the virus and are better prepared for the worst 🙂


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