1000 likes..Thank you!

I have to admit. In this last weeks i was too lazy if one talks about my blog. Last time i posted regularly was back in November…two months ago! Sorry for that, but when you work, time is not the good you can “waste” and when i came back home, i was just mentally drained to write anything intersting. However, today something happened that i wanted forget:

i reached 1000 likes. I know, probably i sound too naive, but it was a nice moment when i received the notification on my phone. When i started this journey, i started from zero. I was alone and i had to figure it out what to do with my personal space here on the internet. Well, even if my blog doesn’t have a define path or a specific topic, i was able to collect one thousand likes so far, which is a pretty huge number…probably not for the standard of the internet, but for me is great, giving the fact that both i started just three months ago and i was sure that in this specific moment i would have been still with zero on my daily statistics. Happy to be wrong for once!

Oh, by the way…thanks for all the appreciation for my latest posts. I didn’t expected that. We all know that everything in internet lasts as much as a butterfly, however you haven’t forgotten about me! That’s nice, thatnks a lot!

That was a short post just to show you my appreciation for your support. I promise to try to be a little bit more consistance in the future that i was in the last weeks. It will be pretty hard, but i try my best!

I wish you a nice start in the new weeks,

With Love


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