I’m starting to think that i am stupid. It’s pretty bizarre to see someone insults itself in internet, but this is how i have been feeling since a couple of months now. I always thought that money and being health are the most important things in life…well, not exactly!

There’s one other thing that way much more important and way much more precious and rare: TIME! Yes, when you are young you have your entire life in front of you full of opportunity, but youth doesn’t last forever. One day you will realise that your time in this world is not so much after all and you will start to wish to have more of it…and of course the answer will be “No, sorry, you’ve had plenty of it!”

When i was young i thought that money was the only thing that really matter in this life. And i was basically right, because without money your life will be miserable and pretty short. But if you want money you have to invest time, a non-renewable asset, to achieve the amount of money you want to earn. There’s only one question: how much of our time on Earth are you going to invest? A day, maybe a month or even your entire life. Will be worth it? Well, if you can enjoy the good moments during the journey, yes, it will…otherwise it will be only a waste of time.

It can happen that, at one point, your body will not be able to manage all the pressure and the hard work you are keeping. Even if our body is a almost perfect machine, sometimes you need to take care of it. Little question: how long will you have to take care of it? Maybe you won’t be able to achieve your goal anymore (just think about a young sport superstar with a bad injury). How much time have you invested? And all those days you won’t get back.

I know, this post sound very sad and pessimistic. My point is that we should start to say stop at one point in our life…and i know that money are never enough and the more we possess, the happier we will be, but at what cost? Being rich, but too old and weak to enjoy what we have is useless. You can make money in million different ways, but you can’t create time. Once day is over, is over forever.

All the pain, the struggle, the suffer and the renunciations we will make during our life must stop at one point. Once we are dead, our money don’s come with us! Make sure to live a good life, but use less time as possible or enjoy the journey to the very top! Make sure not to waste any second!

With Love


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